the funniest things to come from zoomers imo is all the lgbt racists theyre pumping out 😂its like when you hold your hand on a short persons head while they swing. honestly i think its funnier now to be pro blackwashing than the typical racist. embracing we wuz kangz unironically and promoting it more is the way of future memes. i might be a decade ahead of myself but the comedy is ripe right now. and zoomer racists just make literal racism feel too gay for me to be involved with.WAKANDAFOREVA

i didnt know it was possible but i gained more enlightenment since last we spoke

i forgot i got off this site due to the porn

too many new pages to block

if your page is a meme page give me a reply im looking for a good place to african american my memes from

fatigued with internet intellectuals

this is why they outlawed dueling
they knew i would kill them


Online Leftist recognize the difference between moderates and the actual far right CHALLENGE (IMPOSSIBLE!!)

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