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The Chinese police dressed in hazmat suits knocks on your door…

They ask for your phone and starts to check that you have no “foreign” apps installed or use a VPN to circumvent China’s Great Firewall…

They also check you don’t have any photos from the protests…

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They say "billionaires" but it means high tax payers.

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Palo Alto, California. — (@ppv_tahoe) Two people walked into the Apple store on University Ave on Black Friday and began stealing i-pads & phones. All of this occurred as dozens of people watched. --

That's BLACK FRIDAY, baby.

Notice their backpacks still have the labels.

Near-wall aussie mixed race lady is pissed because her date only bought her one drink. "boys need to get better"

Got roasted in comments for it but then simps and all the women brigaded it.

Ozzie women are out of control.

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