they should make a coffee cup that will keep your coffee at the same temperature all the way down. it should not be that hard to put a resistance wire and a batter into a piece of porcelain.

first time in my life i have been called a leftist. a hard core leftist specifically. and wouldn't you know, it was in the comments section of, the irony...

I just read a good comment - eating fat+protein tells your body that all is good, hunting was successful, we can relax. eating carbs and plants tells your body, oh shit, hunting failed, we are in survival mode. shut down unnecessary systems to conserve energy.

it will be THREE months of continuos daily work on my patron-killer project. i expect to finish the majority of functionality by the year's end and then couple of months of testing and tuning. so some kind of private/invite-only beta will take place in march/april.

i think that from now on, i will start using the term "civilians" rather than "normies".

if you like mechanical stuff and would like to hear real letterkenny-style talk, follow AvE

do you know why men dressing as women is funny? because it is UNTHINKABLE and UNNATURAL. hence, we find the ABSURDITY of it funny. unfortunately it seems the modern society loves to show the middle finger to the nature and pervert and twist it as it sees fit.

"carbs are entertainment, not nutrition", "90% of women cannot orgasm"... a lot of info

it has always been tough to eat clean in winter. i think it is primal instinct to seek calories during this period. i snacked recently couple of times and so i decided to have a carb day today. oh boy, it all tastes good for the first one or two bites. then it's repulsive. but it's good to renew the memory if how bad this "food" actually is. keeps me going later on when i think about getting some carbs. like now, i have thrown out entire oreo cake and half of ice cream and some pastry. garbage.

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