He's outta da box ... and he's pissed off.

Schrödinger forgot to change the litter.

The only thing missing in the diagram is a reverse web proxy running off the lower left-hand corner peer cloud to allow browsers to leech.

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This is what an anti-platform looks like (flowchart).

OTP = Oblivious Transfer Protocol

Courtesy: merovingian.club routes through Cloudflare servers whom have the SSL key. i.e. Cloudflare can read everything everyone is doing. You've had your caution.

The SSL key is also issued by "Google Trust Services" which is a contradiction in terms.

In the early to middle months of 2021 a number of established black hats in the Russian territory packed up and posted messages advising everyone to disappear as quietly and discretely as possible.

In that wake, Russian authorities began tightening their control on their local internet (CCP style). Putin had previously offered a bounty for anyone who could break Tor. Immediately prior to Ukraine conflict Tor services were outright blocked/seized in Russian territory.

In x-mas 2020 we moved.

Egalitarian hypothesis: Egalitarianism works for negative government rights whereas meritocracy works for positive government rights.

The creative reinterpretation of the meaning of words (e.g. positive and negative) is a separate issue.

The solves for the "Divine Right of Kings" egalitarian claims in the US founding documents in absence of context. It also avoids conflicts in other dimensions. e.g. it is consistent with the Bill of Rights and the proper function of the judiciary.

Merovingian Club

A club for red-pilled exiles.