I'm not sure if it's better to have your family connectivity ripped apart as a child like @Tfmonkey or to have it slowly pulled apart over decades.

My current conclusion is... there is no "better" when it comes to Marxism.

A Tale of Two Families:

How the mathematician process actually works: Work tirelessly on a problem. Repeatedly fall asleep wherever while thinking about it. Repeat this process for days on end for months. Endless piles of notes form that start to look like crazy ramblings of a madman. Take a break out of frustration and exhaustion. Comb over the smaller finds again. See things you overlooked while tired. Wonder if what you are now seeing is a breakthrough or a stroke.

Dev update: Flashed chipset firmware. Root file system templates now building correctly and connecting to internet. AppImage tools added to repo.

Next stop... multiarchitecture reproducible builds.

Cross-platform compiling/testing should not require a reconfiguration of the network stack or firewall.

Remember Napster? They failed because they tried to make a business out of file sharing tech.

Copy/paste the above sentiment to every business "platform" that tried to protect free speech thereafter.

Teaser of things to come: neopeer.is

Open to feedback. May play with the network box font later.

This is the stub template. What's a stub?

Your questions answered here: neopeer.is/faq.html

Four of our domains were seized by the registrar within hours of my last video post on Youtube several months ago. What stood out was a few domains that were only disclosed on mgtow.tv were also seized.

I will be limiting my communication to this space until the inks are dialed in. That's a roundabout way of cautioning the peeps about the eye of Sauron.

I have been meaning to drop this for awhile as a PSA.

Published in 2017. It is research funded by Moderna demonstrating their knowledge of the defects with nanolipid delivery.

Controls on left. Nanolipid counterparts right.

In the sagepub link, at the bottom look at Acknowledgements, Declaration of Conflicting Interests, and Funding.


Follows through to:

Managed to completely transform the space of various mathematical problems over the last week.

It usually takes about a year to move the needle this much. I'm feeling good about that regardless of where that road goes.

Anti-platform flowchart (10/6/2022 update).

Shout out to @redmaple for the feedback leading to the displayed enhancements.

This summarizes every day of developing an anti-platform.

Code breaking: When the equation converges on the imaginary number 'i'

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