Re: voting mechanisms -

There have been privacy preserving vote-counting cryptographic mechanisms since the 1990s.

@Tfmonkey I will be keeping an eye on your wares here.

I knew a guy that was deep into the martial arts, visited China, and came back with some kind of "herbal dirt". He was literally putting dirt in water and drinking it. Might have used a filter at some point but opening the bags emitted a very powerful variety of herbal smells. Kind of curious what he had his hands on now.

I'm not sure if it's better to have your family connectivity ripped apart as a child like @Tfmonkey or to have it slowly pulled apart over decades.

My current conclusion is... there is no "better" when it comes to Marxism.

A Tale of Two Families:

Courtesy mention: The community Namecoins have had their registrations updated.

Background: Namecoin was the first altcoin to Bitcoin. Satoshi himself posted to the development fund. The goal was to use the blockchain to compete with traditional DNS.

It has had very quiet development over the years. Notably: Tor Browser nightly builds ship with Namecoin support. The idea is to resolve long unreadable .onions to readable .bit addresses natively in Tor browser.

You're welcome in advance.

Breakthroughs happen in the quiet... when few are paying attention.

@spectre Then again it's Musk. The guy who's company literally invents their own tools to get the proper torque and shape of the interior components of the vehicles... violating every established competitor model in the process.

@DeveloperMemes "The only frameworks which exist are the ones I have written myself."

@spectre I half expect to hear: "We have determined the code is so bad it all needs to be rewritten."


(Eyes glow) "Spread 'em"

Almost as satisfying as when you forcibly break in!

🟡 Relay operators: if you are running OpenSSL 3 please be aware that you might need to upgrade it to 3.0.7 on next Tuesday (Nov 1).

Operators running OpenSSL on the 1.1 series are fine as far as we know.

@UncleIroh My warnings always seem to have long arcs. Although... the recent President has shortened the arc time significantly, lol!

@ze Right, that makes sense! AppImages can integrate with Firejail for greater sandboxing and you can pass an MTU value into Firejail at runtime.

@UncleIroh I had not considered using it as a firejail flag. My default mode is to just code the namespace invocations myself.

I was tracking the bleeding edge of "namespace" support rolling out in the kernel some years back. It opened a lot of doors to seamless configs and sandboxing. I like the fact that network namespaces would encumber attacks on local ports if the application has a weakness.

@UncleIroh There is an interesting workaround for AppImages deployed on Linux.

Specifically, the scripts can launch their own network namespace the app resides in to limit the contained app's MTU without reconfiguring the host.

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