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While it seems like I am a secular person, I am very, deeply religious.

I... like big butts. And I cannot lie.

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@Tfmonkey @mrhorsetwat @VooDooMedic Know the difference. It could save your life. Or prevent your shoes from getting stained.

@VooDooMedic @Tfmonkey Now back with the tate obsession. The gay case against voodoo never ends.

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@VooDooMedic @Tfmonkey I heard that heart line. You're not making the best case against the voodoo gay narrative. You also forgot to say NO HOMO! Come on! Slacking.

@Tfmonkey My boy Carl killing it last night on Timcast.

The right is just not equipped to win.

Hahahahaha it happened again. Another leftist CEO slaughtered. Love seeing good news.

>me not wearing a mask






You couldn't ever hope to temp me, whores. I know you're nothing but fakes. Pathetic frauds. Deceitful cock vessels.

S to spit

"The woman's lying. Her accusations are bullshit. Case clo...

What do you mean, investigate her claims? I don't need to. She said everything I needed to see with the accusation alone. Bitch is lying, trust me."

@mrhorsetwat Joining a weight loss club immediately after i let go of his greasy obese hand to let him stop being fat on his own

@Tfmonkey @VooDooMedic I would like to thank the marines for their service. Their incessant need to do pullups have given TFM legit PTSD. The moment voodoo says "pull up" TFM gets 'nam flashbacks of sweaty men lifting their bodies up to a bar. He got so buck broken and mind mangled that he did lying rows on a bench instead of touching a pullup bar. It was so traumatizing he changed his behavior patterns out of """spite""".

Thank you so much for your service, marines.


@Tfmonkey Instead of "silver or lead," the government works more like Genghis Khan. Obey or die.

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