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While it seems like I am a secular person, I am very, deeply religious.

I... like big butts. And I cannot lie.

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@VooDooMedic more straya shit showing up on my timeline.

Lot of responses are coming from booty bothered women. It seems like men are once again going to kool-aid man their way into a female space and RKO "women's rights."


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It's the smiley face that sells it.

Order a crane, bitch.

Normal white men are such a systemically discriminated against group of people that seeing them do a job will create the anti-affirmative action effect. If you see a white man there, you know he's a quality employee who is very competent, and you can trust him to get the job done.

If he's not the best, they can easily replace him with a nigger or some diversity hire.

Man ( @RoninGrey ) you fucking coon niggers have psyopped me into liking raccoons. After years of being inundated with coon memes and images I can't help but like them now.

Sons of The Forest came out of early access yesterday and they added raccoons to the game and those things are cute as fuck. Wish you could have pets in the game that just follow you around.

Niggers need an entire tribal effort to figure out how smoke detectors work. After many tribal meetings and twerk sessions and fried chicken buckets, they just might figure out how to change the battery. One of these days.

@Tfmonkey *plap* *plap* *plap* *plap* *plap* *plap* *plap* GET REELECTED GET REELECTED

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Hey @DicusMaximus, would you draw @Tfmonkey as a fat, water retaining slob with his saggy old MMA fighter body titties and military tattoos being dignifAI'd into a fit chimp wearing a suit?

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Timothy Pool is playing around with the google AI and got this.

It apologizes exactly like a cucked white soyboy faced with a stronk black woman. "P-p-please don't call me racis that's harmful how brown do you want it pls tell me pls." HAHAHAHAHA

Truly a product of the cucked white, nigger cock worshipping faggots who made it.

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