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@Tfmonkey this guy makes a lot of the same arguments as you about fertility rates in western countries. He even brings up womens education as being part of the issue, he also has some counterarguments, but i feel all of these points in their most simplified form would also point at womens empowerment as the root of the problem. there are some counterarguments to TFM's views on feminism here, but i feel that if he simplified his answers, he woul have come up with womens rights being the probllem. he also brings up womens education as being a part of the problem at least.

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@TradeMinister The future as envisioned in the 80s has finally arrived:

Also the schematics, the files for doing your own boards, all of it's open. (Right down to the chip if you opt for the RISC-V one.) Can't tell you how excited I am for these things.
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Christmas main dish?

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