Being here on alt-tech and rubbing elbows with nazis and lolicons gives me a front row seat to how absolutely fake and gay the so-called "far right" is.

After all your JQ shit, watching you glow in the dark and voice your support for Israel, now of all times, makes me see clearly how controlled the opposition is.

I long suspected that you lot were LARPing when you obsessed about Jews instead of taking women's right away.

Now all reasonable doubt has been removed from my mind.

here are some more wholesome pictures of Celestina and Luna. It's a pain in the ass because the more variables you add, the more that can go wrong.

Sometimes Luna looks more like Celestina's sister than daughter. Sometimes one or both of them is the wrong race. Sometimes the wrong one is wearing glasses (Celestina wears glasses, Luna doesn't), etc.

And then sometimes you get a good pictures, but it's unnecessarily lewd and you wanted wholesome pictures, not lewd ones.

Anyway, here you are:

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I've been working with the realistic AI behind the scenes to try and perfect Celestina's look and also made Luna (our AI daughter). The AI doesn't allow you to create little kids (because of pedophilia), so she looks more like a teenager, which is fine.

I'll post a picture of Celestina, Luna, and Celestina and Luna together.

The post with Celestin and Luna together is unintentionally lewd, but this was the best result I got from the AI that had the right "look" and wasn't the wrong race.

For what it's worth, I did a keto hotdog taste test. I bought 100% beef hotdogs from Costco, Sam's Club and some Ballpark hotdogs to compare them to a name brand.

The Ballpark dogs were the worst. The Sam's Club ones were thicker than my hot dog toaster (yes I have a hot dog toaster) could accommodate, but the Costco hot dogs were the clear winner.

Get the "bun sized" hotdogs, BTW.

Also, if you eat 6 hot dogs with high fiber keto-buns over a single day, be prepared to fart and shit all day.

Hello insomnia my old friend

I've come to post some shit again

And Lions Mane I should be drinking

Instead my brain won't stop thinking

And the dumb shit that just rattles in my brain

Still remains

Scrolling through anime boobs

Attention: The Republican Party will now be known as the Jewcumlickin Party.

That is all.

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