@Tfmonkey Some more data on the Baltic Pipeline (which originates in Norway) - Norway doesn't have any excess NG production. They have existing pipelines in the image. So all they'll do is reduce deliveries through the other pipelines.

Article from March of this year on Norway's lack of spare production - tinyurl.com/ydp34tav

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Protests have erupted and grown for several days in Indonesia following the government's decision to increase fuel prices by 30%. The situation turns to revolt in several cities


The next time someone says "red meat is bad for you" and references this study just forward this takedown of the latest study - unsettledscience.substack.com/

Even the normally liberal techsoys at Hacknews aggregator are concerned about CBDC - news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

@Tfmonkey You cannot make this timeline up - OPEC's SG "died suddenly" after comments at a conference this week.

@Tfmonkey - interesting news out of Austria -oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-New

Two ways this could occur - they lift emissions caps/operational limitations on diesel generators (usually even power plants have them for emergencies) or its some wishy washy pleaz build something quick before winter. Former is more likely.

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