I have been slowly transitioning off Google stuff and finally killed my Gmail account the other day. Didn't realize how bad Google Maps had got until traveling last week. Maybe it was always that way. Shout out to Google's Gay Ai for speeding up the process.

I wonder if the control aspects of programmed credit cards given out to illegals are a more of a inducement and control thing or a long term money control beta test of both. foxnews.com/politics/new-york-

Hey frens. Any opinions on middle earth almost purple states Missouri and Ketucky? Prob moving soon and I want grungy land to fuck off to. Open to further south but the only other state that seems good for that is Tenessee. TN and FL seem a little to warm and expensive to fuck off to so far.

What really gets me is listening to a Jewish scholar casually mention the Zionist movement and it's goal to radically remake society because Jews have realized they cannot compete openly on their merits and not expounding on it. Three sentences then poof. Bro....

I somehow missed playing Chrono Trigger growing up. Played pretty much everthing else from that era. Just hit the part where the time travel punch line hits. DAMN dude it's like A Link to the Past but more refined.

Just found out there is a few ways to charge a large portable generator off of an EV charging station. Have to do some more research to figure out exactly what works for my set up. Can't wait to pull my gas powered SUV up to a EV spot to hang out and recharge.

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If you are thinking of converting a van for camping or living I want to encourage you not to overspend on a shitty van. Fuck Dodge, fuck Chevy, fuck Ford, and especisally fuck Mercedes because lol. If you can get one for under 10k and it's decnent, sweet! But anything else is mostly overpriced nonsense.

Convert a large Toyota or Honda SUV or minivan. Much better price, and way higher quality vehicle. Shekelberg found out about vanlife and made it expensive but there are ways around it

I just took the time to get on Graphene instead of Andriod. Cool world of alternative tech to dive in to. On a related note, Steven Crowder is really dumb for soliciting whistleblower tips via a Proton Mail email address.

Place your bets. Who will host the next violent revolt against globohomo?

I want to point out that Facebook marketplace is wild. I'm on it to car shop but the incompetent clothing reselling and the obvious fences selling stolen everything is sad. Maybe this is a boomer take but wow. Was it always this bad?

So I started keto, quit drinking, and began doing one maybe two meals a day at the beginning of spring. That hyper aware phase at the beginning of keto is pretty wild! Felt like I was hunting wild animals when other people were around for a few weeks. Lost 35 lbs. and am now 10 lbs. underweight. Shouldn't be hard to gain some back. I have flexibility again. It's a trip!

I got really lucky when my job transfered me a year ago. I went from a bad blue area to the outskirts of a blue area. My new boss makes custom knives on the side and volunteers gun and prepping stories. I have to work with a bunch of commies but they mostly leave me alone and the pay is really good for what I do.

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