I want to point out that Facebook marketplace is wild. I'm on it to car shop but the incompetent clothing reselling and the obvious fences selling stolen everything is sad. Maybe this is a boomer take but wow. Was it always this bad?

So I started keto, quit drinking, and began doing one maybe two meals a day at the beginning of spring. That hyper aware phase at the beginning of keto is pretty wild! Felt like I was hunting wild animals when other people were around for a few weeks. Lost 35 lbs. and am now 10 lbs. underweight. Shouldn't be hard to gain some back. I have flexibility again. It's a trip!

I got really lucky when my job transfered me a year ago. I went from a bad blue area to the outskirts of a blue area. My new boss makes custom knives on the side and volunteers gun and prepping stories. I have to work with a bunch of commies but they mostly leave me alone and the pay is really good for what I do.

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