Trump was prepped and planned. Might have not gone the way of the plan but it's all fake and gay. WWE, mainstream media, and Isreal.

America has built in nearby islands to exile people to when things get worse. Island prison colonies for the elites that deserve it would be a good idea.

@UncleIroh @Stahesh My solution has been a $5 a month paid email. I'd encourage you to research this for yourself. I am definitely not an expert. This is not private (see Snowden) but they aren't freely selling all my data. For maps I don't have the solution/cope yet but I am considering a physical Garmin loaded with recent retailer data. Again, not great but it's worlds better than what Google is.

@Tfmonkey I'm happy to meet this urge half way with poor white people and hills.

@Based_Accelerationist This is top shelf. Dude Halsey just pick a lane. If your lane equals genocide then lol...Stop this sudden emotional faggotry whenever Isreals gayass is mentioned.

I have been slowly transitioning off Google stuff and finally killed my Gmail account the other day. Didn't realize how bad Google Maps had got until traveling last week. Maybe it was always that way. Shout out to Google's Gay Ai for speeding up the process.

@RoninGrey I feel ya on that. There is one woman that works directly near me and ten plus guys. I have enough standing to completely tell her off and not talk to her but it is amazing and hilarious watching all the simp interactions and gossip men partake in just because one women pretends to work like them some of the time.

@Hasan1994 Would be better if it was a sawed off shotgun they could hide in their pants and they were threatening everyone with Stevie Wonder sunglasses on.

@CheshireHuman Burnsville isn't especially bad but isn't great. The entire county around Minneapolis including Burnsville is in the earlier stages of going to shit. There is a really bad lesbian Soros county DA in charge. She's more pro black youth crime than anything for obvious optics but with the Floyd and defund the police shit it's spreading to all aspects and she's down for most crime. This incident is mostly unrelated to the Minnesota gayops if I had to guess.

@shortstories There has to be some sort of movement as a fake illegal or recieved payment as a fake illegal going on already. Prob has a 12 month or so shelf life but the government laser focused on their mission will allow it. Remember the cases of Covid money fraud? I'm sure there will be a few caught down the road.

I wonder if the control aspects of programmed credit cards given out to illegals are a more of a inducement and control thing or a long term money control beta test of both.

@redmaple @Mr_Mister I disagree with not following news. A lot of it is demoralizing propaganda but I'd encourage people to regularily consume it and become resistant to it. Helps with long term life strats as well. Stuff still tilts me pretty hard but I'd rather know.

Hey frens. Any opinions on middle earth almost purple states Missouri and Ketucky? Prob moving soon and I want grungy land to fuck off to. Open to further south but the only other state that seems good for that is Tenessee. TN and FL seem a little to warm and expensive to fuck off to so far.

@UncleIroh I'm paraphrasing from Jewish Intellictual History: 16th to 20th Centry by David B. Ruderman. It's a pretty good listen. Free audio book from my closest commie library system.

What really gets me is listening to a Jewish scholar casually mention the Zionist movement and it's goal to radically remake society because Jews have realized they cannot compete openly on their merits and not expounding on it. Three sentences then poof. Bro....

I somehow missed playing Chrono Trigger growing up. Played pretty much everthing else from that era. Just hit the part where the time travel punch line hits. DAMN dude it's like A Link to the Past but more refined.

Just found out there is a few ways to charge a large portable generator off of an EV charging station. Have to do some more research to figure out exactly what works for my set up. Can't wait to pull my gas powered SUV up to a EV spot to hang out and recharge.

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