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@blitzdriver This especially applies to regions where mask mandates were sparse or non-existent. It baffles me when I still see people wearing masks.

Italian vigilantes chase down and beat a Black migrant in Rome who attempted to sexually assault an 11 year old school girl... Read about this and more at the

Seriously how can these motherfuckers not even drive in a straight line

The state can deport you, arrest you, kill you, draft you, force you to take a virus test, force you to get a vaccine, and take your guns, property, and kids when you register with the government.

if you ask me for the source I will personally deliver it to you by slamming a bulldozer into your house at the highest possible speed

Please stop trying to lump roman catholics with other retard reform christians. "oh the religion was created by the romans" YEAH, it's in the description ROMAN Catholic Church. We follow a bunch of stuff that is nowhere to be found in the bible. YES. NO SHIT. The bible isn't the end all be all.

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I'm roman catholic and I no longer try to convert anyone. The thing is, nothing you say will change my mid. Say what you will, one thing is certain - I'm not afraid of death. Here's the thing: if I'm right, when I die I meet my maker, if I'm wrong, then when I die nothing will happen.

of course we can all already picture italian vegana mussolini telling ursula plz gibs ill beahve
Lol digibro quit youtube and blamed youtube for destroying his channel.

Nothing whatsoever to do with trooning out and making the most dreadful drugged up content instead of the anime stuff his audience subbed for.
im sure england can advise italian mussolini vegana on how to be right wing tards :02lul:

Face diapers are good now because they allow me to quickly identify the mentally retarded.

The elites say that vaccines will help you live forever, but who wants to live in a police state?

Women only have a single 12 year window to make it in life
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