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A man is traveling by foot when he sees a party of merchants walking in the opposite direction. With that party is a donkey who is heavily burdened with all the merchandise. The man noticing the donkey ready to collapse, states, "That donkey is carrying too much! Take off some of those things so that he does not die from exhaustion!"

The merchants take a look at the donkey and see that the man is correct. They start to discuss among themselves what they should do.

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I have a theory about the supposed increase in autists. The internet is to blame. Not simply because people can look up terms and mis-diagnose themselves (though this is part of it), but rather that the internet has the unfortunate side effect of allowing people to be "terminally online."

When you are doing the vast majority of your communication through text alone, you are missing most of the actual communication you would get in a natural social situation (vocal inflections, emotions)


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For anyone who wants marriage and family in their future, I have some advice:

Don't marry wrong. If that means not marrying at all, so be it.

It is indeed better to not marry at all than to make the wrong choice on who to marry. I will never tell any man that they have an obligation to get married, because in spite of the fact that I am married myself, I understand that my path is not one that can or should be prescribed to all other men.

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To some extent, this makes sense if you lack abstract thinking. If they were able to impose every part of their ideology, they would not feel one bit restricted.

Just like a hardcore Christian would not feel all that restricted if the government became a Christian theocracy. A law that says you have to go to church every Sunday? Well, the hardcore Christian is already doing that, so he would not see a difference.

Apply this to any ideology, and you can see how shortsighted many people are.

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Some commies think that they will get their worldview with some form of anarchism. Except the problem is that most people would not go along with their bullshit ideology if they were not forced to do so.

So when I call for a challenge to start having the government removed from the equation, I am openly challenging their premise that they are not about using government force. Generally, you find out that they are, but only for the things they want and against what they don't want.

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Any time a commie or socialist tells me that their ideology has nothing to do with the government forcing people to comply with their ideology, I would challenge them to support removing the government from our lives as much as possible.

Start talking about getting rid of welfare, laws that force a variety of quotas for "equality," and any other law that is redistributive in some way.

How long will it take before they tell you that "We can't do that!"

On the note of immigration, anyone who talks about immigrants coming here for "freedom" needs to get their head checked. Most people coming to the USA do so for economic reasons. They have no love for any American values (or what is left of them) or have a strong desire to become Americans culturally.

Not saying America is all that great now with our corrupt government wanting to compel everyone to their faggotry by gunpoint, but if you are moving to a country, do so for the right reasons.

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"America is such a racist country," which is why people of so many races from around the world go through great lengths (legal and illegal) to get into this country.

Either the country is not all that racist or the people coming here do not seem to think that it is enough of a problem for them.

Not that the word "racist" means jack all these days. It is only used to browbeat whites in order to get more money from them.

No one under 50 actually has any faith in public institutions or the country as a whole. BurgerLand is kept together only due to the threat of force, plus the fact that things haven't gotten completely unbearable for most people yet.

Imagine if they actually tried mass conscription for a major war with Russia/China/Iran. At that point telling DC to fuck off is the path of least resistance.

This is regardless of how things break down. Be it balkanization or factional conflicts between 2 or more groups trying to control everything, we need to have people see a major change in how they are living and a lack of desire to maintain the status quo, as starving and being deprived of many modern conveniences is not an acceptable status quo.

Rising prices and a gradual decrease in standard of living is acceptable, even if it sucks. It is not an existential threat to your life.

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Just think about your typical American. They go to work on a regular basis, get food from their grocery store, and do a variety of things with their free time, be it spend it with friends/family or on some hobbies. This means most people have some sense of normalcy in their lives.

When it comes to a civil war, it is a point of no return, where normal no longer exists. Most people still have their comforts and routines that they would not wish to deviate from in favor of major chaos.

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Any talk about civil war in the US should not be considered seriously until we get to a point where actual suffering and hardship is taking place. Even with our economy being a dumpster fire (despite the propaganda insisting otherwise), things are really no where near bad enough.

When we have actual issues like food shortages, energy shortages, and any other shortages, then we have real potential for people to actually be ready for some sort of action.

I remember a study a few years where conservatives and liberals had to try and guess what policies their opposites would support, and what views they were likely to hold regarding random personal matters such as cleanliness, being on time, fairness, ect.

In almost every department conservatives could reasonably recreate a liberal's frame of mind, while nearly every liberal saw their opposites as bloodthirsty, greedy, cartoonishly racist, stupid, ect.

It fails because we are right, and they are WRONG. All they can do is INVERT and attempt to appropriate our memes to follow their ideology, which always fails- it's like trying to read a book in the mirror, there's only one, objectively correct way to do so. I can't think of a single libtard meme that isn't just poorly copying 3 year old memes from 4chan.

Another analogy I can think of is complaining about someone who is giving general fitness and diet advice to fat people because "They will never become a professional athlete with that advice!"

If you are a fatass who just needs to learn how to eat less and exercise, the least of your worries is being one of the greatest athletes in the world.

"Look how much Michael Phelps eats in a day! Clearly eating a lot is not always bad!"

Again, you are talking to fatasses, not people on Phelp's level.

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And airline miles being a positive example for "credit card debt is not always bad" is retarded. Hey Joshua, if you are spending money with your credit card so that you can get "free airline miles," you are an idiot. Don't give me this "you are spending the money anyways." Usually, you are spending more than you normally would under the justification of getting something for "free." When you have a lot of debt, you need to cut spending. Which means credit card spending is going to be bad always.

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Another example of the same thing. "Not all debt is bad debt!" Yes, that is true. But the people that need Dave Ramsey are clearly incapable to dealing with ANY debt. You should not be trying to get into making money on rental properties if you cannot handle your credit card debt. Getting into rental properties comes with many risks, which the people who need Dave Ramsey cannot afford, as they already are in a hole.

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Videos like this piss me off. Of course Dave Ramsey's advice is not going to "get you rich." The people he is working with are those who are so far in a financial hole that they need a simple, foolproof plan to get them out. Dave Ramsey has that plan.

You should not be worried about trying out for the Major Leagues in baseball when you cannot even hit the ball off a tee. So stop huffing about his advice not making you rich, it is not supposed to do that.

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