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For anyone who wants marriage and family in their future, I have some advice:

Don't marry wrong. If that means not marrying at all, so be it.

It is indeed better to not marry at all than to make the wrong choice on who to marry. I will never tell any man that they have an obligation to get married, because in spite of the fact that I am married myself, I understand that my path is not one that can or should be prescribed to all other men.

If you want to see why m vax mandates are bullshit, check this out.

History will remember this as the time when MILLIONS were killed for no good reason.

WARNING: This will piss you off and don't watch if you know you have a weak stomach

Sometimes one recommendation leads me to another. Much of the video has interesting details about geography, but smack dab in there is some bs propaganda:

"Spain has low birth rate issues because they don't have enough subsidized childcare!"

Yeah, I am sure that all the other European countries that do must have high birthrates, right? Oh wait, they don't? Maybe there is something else that is a factor besides the leftist propaganda of spending more tax dollars.

New German Study - The Covid-19 MRNA vaccines caused death in otherwise Healthy People

They say that all vaccines have adverse reactions.

Or at least they said that until covid-19, when, for two years, you weren't allowed to say that the Covid vaccine had any adverse reactions. It was the world's first Perfect Vaccine, like the 2020 election was the world's first Perfect Election and Climate Science is settled.

This is how we do Science now: We have all the politicians of the GAE line up and yell dogma and focus-group-tested attack lines at everyone until they comply with The Science (TM).

cc: @MechaSilvio @scalar

@Kagekokoro @PunishedD I don’t even quite understand what real purpose it serves. I actually fear that it’s the same hyperreal veneer of bullshit so much else is based on. Twitter doesn’t really matter to the war effort, the days of people passing on actionable intel to either side are largely done…

But -

The roasties, boomers, and fags in charge of these organizations continue to believe everyone on earth is on twitter, so they think it matters. In their heads they’re preaching to 2 billion happy, attentive people from every demo, and their support will keep the government invested and supportive as long as they’re contentedly eating up the spiritual goyslop

It just never ends, every day is cringier than the last.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if this one is meant to appeal to the males, after that faggy dance post.

“Yeah, men 18-30 will LOVE this post! It’s such a great meme!”

Also, nobody better be calling for price controls because of this sort of thing. I would rather have expensive eggs than NO eggs. I like not starving, thank you very much.

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Fuck me, eggs cost almost 7 dollars for 18 of them. I distinctly remember them being easily half of that.

I can afford them, so that is not the problem. But rather that it is a sign that things are not going well.

@houseoftolstoy Russia underestimated that the US was going to make Ukraine their hill to die on and didn't want to destroy the civilian infrastructure.

I think Putin was genuinely surprised that Europe chose to follow the US into a stagflationary depression instead of . . . not.

@Tfmonkey He calls the Russian ruble a "potemkin currency," being propped up by extreme measures. Gee, I wonder if that better describes the dollar.

Oh no, Russia won't be able to import "advanced western technological components." Hold up, doesn't the west themselves import a lot of the raw materials for said components themselves? Why the hell would they need to import it from "the west" when they can just get much of the raw materials from their own borders or from non-western trade?

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@Tfmonkey In all seriousness, I can find multiple problems. First, the guy criticizes Russia for not using an air assault for their initial attack. Gee, I wonder if they had any motives for not doing this, such as purposefully not wanting to flatten everything, especially the areas they wanted to reclaim.

And he even goes into "muh sanction are crippling the Russian economy," as if the NATO countries themselves are not having major economic problems.

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@Tfmonkey You said Russia is kicking the shit out of Ukraine. Well, my dear monkey, you have been DEBOONKED! This video from a large channel that totally is not being favored by the algorithms says Russia is failing in Ukraine!

Ha, I bet you feel foolish now, considering that it has an extensive list of sources for evidence:

"All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted."

I shit you not, that is what is said in the description.

@Tfmonkey I just thought of a scenario from my own life that would fit both of the categories of highly important/critical work that is low skilled. That being a summer job I did vacuum broom operating at a flour mill. It is absolutely critical to the operations of the flour mill (given how flour dust buildup can mean the whole facility exploding with just a spark), but it is a job that you can replace with nearly anyone, and therefore it is not a job that pays luxury wages.

@Punished_Potatus She doesn’t, in reality. She’s feeling the rush of playing a part that has been fed to her by media.

When NYC worshippers like this move there, they carry with them decades of media indoctrination talking up their new lifestyle - beset by ludicrous cost, violence, fecal contact, perversion, and endangerment - as proof positive that she’s strong, and independent, and brave, and better than those loser women raising 5 kids back home in kansas.

That’s why they love bragging about it like this, even when it’s gussied up like sorrow.

Men love doing things, while women love being things. She loves being a “new yorker”, she misses it, and this was a way to complain about her real issue - pointless existence - while she ‘mourns’ a missing identity she can no longer indulge in

Funny how this isn’t far removed from what I was taught growing up (with mom tsking and mirthfully shaking her head - she never noticed that even as a kid it was pretty obvious that she’d be a rudderless ship without dad driving the family, but I never said that aloud)

Still daunting though. There are few things that women can actually say “intimidate” me in the social sphere, but TBH it is a little spooky to know you have her entire life resting on your shoulders. Women often condemn us as a whole because they pick poor stewards to pair with, they end up condemning the whole structure thinking every guy will be an inept captain of the ship, or worse, abuse the authority he has. From there, they end up bristling at the dynamic, getting their hackles up, and closing off, making future relationships even tougher because they end up assuming a role of a combative second in command instead of an aid.

IDK this is the zip file form of an effortpost, you can uncompress it and get what I’m saying I gotta go. Just had this sitting on the desktop and wanted to talk about it sometime

The screencap mentions the importance of a woman having children in her 20’s. This is absolutely true. Yes women can have children in their 30’s and even 40’s. But only if their body has already been conditioned by previous pregnancies. The first pregnancies are the hardest. The body is being shaped and adapted to bearing a child. It’s not a simple thing. You can’t recapture your youth. The body goes through phases as it ages. People focus so much on their economic state when planning “having a family.” But they completely overlook their physical state. Money is easier to overcome than time.

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