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I have a theory about the supposed increase in autists. The internet is to blame. Not simply because people can look up terms and mis-diagnose themselves (though this is part of it), but rather that the internet has the unfortunate side effect of allowing people to be "terminally online."

When you are doing the vast majority of your communication through text alone, you are missing most of the actual communication you would get in a natural social situation (vocal inflections, emotions)


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For anyone who wants marriage and family in their future, I have some advice:

Don't marry wrong. If that means not marrying at all, so be it.

It is indeed better to not marry at all than to make the wrong choice on who to marry. I will never tell any man that they have an obligation to get married, because in spite of the fact that I am married myself, I understand that my path is not one that can or should be prescribed to all other men.

Pop quiz, who is the divider in the grocery store meant for?

And besides, if you were to go to one of those countries and had 100% of your DNA from that country of origin as an American, you would not be considered one of them by the people living there. So you cannot have an identity with a group that would not accept you as being one in the same as them.

The way I see it, the "whites do not have their own identity" crowd just want white people to not have any in-group preferences while every other group of people do.

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Wish I could find the video I had in mind, but oh well.

There is an odd claim how there is no "white identity" because white people have origins from all sorts of European countries such as Germany, France, Norway, United Kingdom. So having a white identity supposedly makes no sense.

Except many of the Americans that are white often have more than one of these origins where they have their ancestry, meaning they cannot have a strong identity with those countries of origin.

Shitlibs have terminal main character syndrome and would rather die than see any of their actions as morally wrong "why don't people like the poison I'm feeding them, why are they fighting back, why do people hate us when we have aligned ourselves with some of the most deeply annoying and malicious people on the planet?" Introspection is impossible to them.

Sometimes I wonder what life want from me.🤔

When I want to change something and nothing changes.

Here I am here to try again.

Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.
Erol Ozan

Pretty interesating to remind myself this oId picture with quote I found long time ago.

Thx young me.😇

Can government debt solve fertility?

When the underlying problem being discussed is government debt.


This is stupid, you're stupid Overcoming Bias, and I feel stupid for having read your nonsense and making everyone else stupid by linking it.

But rather than adapt to the environment, far too many women demand we change the environment to accommodate them. So we get content like this, as if it is a major problem that men need to address. A waste of time, of course, as the people doing the "harassment" can be safely ignored or blocked. Who cares what some idiot says on the other end of the microphone? His "threats" or "harassment" can't actually do anything. He is just like a small yippy dog: very loud and annoying, but not a threat.

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Gaming is indeed a space mostly dominated by men. And there are some men who will trash talk and say some crass things. The 12 year old saying "I fucked your mom" on Call of Duty is a well known meme, and one that most men understand to just not fret about that sort of thing or any other trash talk.

But women who are unaware of this universal phenomenon come in and act all offended that "there are harassers in online gaming!" Yep. Just do what the men do and ignore or block. Problem solved.

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Here's a riddle: how do these EVIL GAMER BROS know that they are talking to a woman who is playing an online game? Some games have voice chat, but for most games it is not really necessary to play the game.

The answer is that these women out themselves as a woman in some way, where it is easily avoidable and unnecessary to engage in the actions that would out women as being women playing games.

Most likely, they are seeking attention, similar to what this 4chan post states.

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If you want men to "stop hating women," going in with "the poor women are being harassed when they play video games" is not the way to do it, because it comes with overt accusations of men either being "harassers" or being complicit in harassing by not being good white knights and defending the honor of women who find out that there are people who trash talk when playing video games online (everyone, not just women). But women just assume it is only them that get "harassed" in this way.

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Random recon listening to NPR to see what the soylibs provide for content late one night. I hear a Jena Friedman talking about her time on Adult Swim, where she said her goal was to get the mostly male demographic to stop hating women.

An example of her content:

Not all who have intellect need to have all their ideas be their own originally. It is okay to steal good ideas that someone else came up with. In fact, knowing how to recognize which ideas are good (and worth stealing) and which ones are bad (and not worth stealing) demonstrates a great amount of intellect.

Being too prideful to appropriate someone else's ideas when you recognize that they are good is just foolish and inhibiting.

This is righr, and what has kind of been happinging is the right has been saying "but without rules there is madness, we have to follow rules" .. and they are right, but we already have madness.
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