@Tfmonkey once again. Here in Portugal, many hospitals have long lines of ambulances since there isn't enough capacity for all the mud bloods portocanal.sapo.pt/noticia/316

I just read a good comment - eating fat+protein tells your body that all is good, hunting was successful, we can relax. eating carbs and plants tells your body, oh shit, hunting failed, we are in survival mode. shut down unnecessary systems to conserve energy.

Italy to Nationalize Russian-owned Refinery

The Italian government has decided to nationalize one of the largest refineries in Europe, the ISAB plant on the island of Sicily, which is owned by Lukoil.

@Tfmonkey since you like piano music I thought I'd share this with you, even though you probably already know this recording youtu.be/G7EEACEefH0

"spitrual but not religious" faggots should be shot

A hot steaming coffee and a smoking cigar. What a lovely view.

The COVID pandemic farce served as a trial balloon for the New World Order.

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