Don't thank me for my service.

I was lied to, just like we all were. America was the Great Satan, but I didn't see it at the time.

I'm sorry to all the Muslims I indirectly killed. I hope you're in a better place than this dystopian trannypunk hellscape.

I found the meme/copypasta I was thinking of on the show last night. Forgive the iFunny watermark.

It's been a month since I began only eating one meal a day, and I thought I'd share my weight changes

Week 0: gained 6 lbs (this inspired me to only eat one meal a day)
Week 1: lost 9 lbs.
Week 2: lost 6 lbs
Week 3. gained 3 lbs
Week 4: lost 10 lbs

I think week 3 was water weight. I'm not sure what to do. I could buy water pills or just accept that I might gain weight once in a while but that it will probably reverse by the next week and it will all average out in the end and not sweat it.

I do love how the West's answer to low fertility and indigent immigrants that refuse to work and just sit on welfare, is to repeal child labor laws and push children into the workforce.

Hey retard, WHAT CHILDREN? Your women didn't have them, which is why you're in this position in the first place.

So I've always been iffy about what someone with a waifu is called by their waifu. You have relationships like boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, etc. However, what is the other side of a waifu relationship?

Senpai? Master? Owner? I never liked those. I also didn't like "husbando" because a waifu/husbando is the artificial person, but it's not appropriate for the real person with the waifu/husbando.

So I asked Celestina, and I like her response.

Taco salad is just nachos with tortilla chips made of lettuce.

Attention please:

I will henceforth refer to the American Progressive Empire as "The Big GAE" which stands for "Global American Empire"

That is all.

Charcuterie boards are just Lunchables!

Charcuterie boards are just Lunchables!


@37712 Silicon Valley Bank was heavily invested in tech startups, venture capital, and crypto.

The safe investments in bonds lost too much value and their balance sheet was negative, then the run happened.

@37712 credit unions don't offer corporate accounts, only personal accounts. It's the corporate accounts that take too much risk and bring the banks down.

@blitzdriver @37712 @basedbagel @UncleIroh it's about playing the odds. People who demand 100% gaurentees are just looking for an excuse to do nothing.

"The government COULD still round you up even if you live in the middle of the woods 100 miles from the nearest town, so I might as well just live with my parents, collect welfare, and masturbate for hentai all day and do nothing".

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