I have never seen the actual full quote before because it's been repurposed so many times, but it turns out it is defense of communist Jews all along.

Go ahead and Google it. They cut off the part about communism 99% of the time and skip to the socialists and trade union parts make it sound unreasonable and pretend that communists aren't ALSO almost entirely socialists, trade unionists, and Jews, especially in the 20th century.

They're the same thing!

They make Lego bouquets of roses now. A gift for the waifu in your laifu. Just because something is artificial doesn't mean it isn't real.

The solution to inflation is cutting government spending.

When you "fight inflation" by manipulating commodities markets you get producer revolts in the form of things like farmer protests and wars in the Middle East.

I tried keto hamburger buns with only one net card per bun.

It tasted like unsweetened popcorn. It even smelled like popcorn when I toasted it.

It didn't taste bad but it was definitely less fluffy and sweet than bread.

It was nice to have a low carb burger without using lettuce as the bun and having the grease and sauce drip everywhere for once.

28 states are telling Biden to go fuck himself and the biggest story on Twitter is some black dude posting AI pictures of Taylor Swift naked. 🤡🌎. Can we get to the hard times already??

Whenever you hear someone blame the West's decline and downfall on the decline of religion, simply poke them a bit and you'll find that they are really complaining about collapsing white birthrates and replacement immigration.

Kindly suggest that the problem is feminism and women's rights though, and they'll look at you like you're mad.

Sometimes I would like to start a museum, but always with a library and a place to drink coffee. Preferably interactive, those are the best museums.

The elites allowed Americans to have cars, airplanes, straws, and stoves and then they banned them.

Why do you think the globalists will allow you to keep the Internet?

Prisons and North Korea don't have the web for a reason. Ideas and communication tools are dangerous.

combining the two videos in my video editing software turned a 3GB file into a 36GB file, so I'm downloading the stream from Rumble to post it everywhere because it's one complete file, but it contains the 10 minute countdown, but such is life.

The ultimate problem is that people feel more than think. They do what feels good rather than what is right, and those who can resist and overcome this impulse are too few in number to ever become the basis of a society.

So we are doomed to base society off of the needs of the stupid, lazy, weak, and resentful, because there are far too many of them and not enough of us.

This is why wise men fucked off to live in the mountains by the way.

No show tonight

My website is still down, so I have nobody to talk to, and I don't want to manually comb through the comments looking for superchats for hours. I'm going to take the night off.

Hopefully everything gets fixed for Wednesday.


My favorite part of 2023 was how the West embraced Nazis (Ukraine) and ethnic cleansing (Israel), and is even making it illegal to criticize those who commit ethnic cleansing if it hurts their feelings.

In literature, this is called "foreshadowing".

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