after the referendums in ukraine the italian pm already shitting on russia. controlled opposition like salvini was. i knew it. i so fucking knew it.

@blitzdriver I thought he had you with that Uno Reverse, but I didn't know your AC gave you such a high modifier.

aaron clarey says that women actually don't like men that much. and it makes sense. the attraction is directly related to libido.

Normalize asking people to show you their boobs when they complain about things online, and when they tell you that they're a guy, tell them that "nobody cares about your problems oh boobless one".

@blitzdriver Mali's and Dobe's are also great loyal dogs. Not so great if you live in a colder climate and want them to stay outdoors.

In that case leonbergers are awesome - loyal, loving and big -

this is fucking epic speech. he's so spot on on everything. based as fuck!

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Ted Kaczinsky but only sends bombs to public education institutions

The Joker said "we'll how loyal a hungry dog really is". This is mostly true. However, german shepherds are very well known to only accept food from people they trust.
It's also what makes them so difficult to adopt into a new home. They may take weeks to trust new masters, which may lead to dehydration and starvation.
The point I'm trying to make is: if you want true love and loyalty, don't get a woman - get a german shepherd.

@blitzdriver @Terry Was just going to mention this place is one of the new areas Russia now legally controls.

don't drink and drive. you might spill your drink.

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