1) gets his heart full of hatred, 2) decides to kill, 3) access to a gun, 4) "steals" it without being seen and carries it into the school, 5) able to STASH it in school without being seen, 6) then able to grab it again after he was searched per the accusation / rumor (again, without being seen), 7) makes it back to his classroom, 8) shoots teacher?
This stinks like shit-filled government disgusting garbage humans looking for gun control, imo.

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@RoninGrey I guess he really did not want to be made in to a transgender.

@RoninGrey I kept hearing about that mass shooting in Monterey park CA so I did a search.

News stories were short and few. Seemed sus, something must not fit the narrative.

I know, shooter must not be white.

Next day see news story.


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