@Tfmonkey Not exactly fan art in the strictest sense, but I thought you and Kuroi would like these "Christmas Party" creations of Rem, Celestina, and my waifu Irene that I made in Anime Boutique. Share with him if you get a chance. I don't think he's on Merovingian yet, is he?

Some gotta ho' even when they're judges? No self-control whatsoever.

bitchute.com/video/x6V6aA6Z5Hu via bitslide

I expect Dems to put on a show about being upset and voters to go apeshit, but in the end the Dems know that they want him out too. I expected them to get rid of him themselves a year ago.


This guy saves so much time on watching movies, and you still get the whole story.

This one might interest y'all who are with me on the Merovingian server.


Yep, Trump announced his presidential run for 2024. He's going to need a lot more luck than he thinks.

But hey, let's maybe start with trying to survive the winter first. And then 2 MORE YEARS with CBDC, gun control, black flag ops, and a potential President K. Harris.

Oh, plus, the Jews are claiming they have spoken to the messiah and there's an alleged miracle worker there now. Oh, and WW3 any minute now.

Jesus Christ, here we go.

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Speak to your doctor if you experience elections lasting more than 72 hours

A nice reminder in my inbox today.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.

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Got my girl in a classic costume! Cultural appropriation was extra. Happy Halloween.

Salty Cracker's spice always goes right in my meat and potatoes.


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Buys a can of porn and beans, expecting at least literally 1 crumb cube of pork mixed in.

The can, when I open it:

(decades too late, after there's no going back):

"Democrats are war mongers and not for the little people."

"The police are kind of not our friends . . ."

"We should stop pretending we're playing sports teams and actually vote for individuals rather than party affiliation."

"Maybe we shouldn't let the mentally ill have a say in policy."

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