Judge and Prosecutor changed their demeanor after the jury's decision, and baliffs were seen nodding in agreement with the Defense. But "Oh well! Appeals Court takes . . . 5 years!"

Prosecutor did not expect this verdict, I'm told.

These retards on the jury really said they had "no reasonable doubt."

They also may have unlawfully looked up Defendant's self-defense case where he hit a woman who was beating him, who then cried to the police.


Yesterday a false accusation sent a young father to prison for 5 years despite the only evidence being circumstantial and a pile of evidence by the Defense on why the bitch was a lying sack of shit.

The jury: 0 balls, 0 IQ lemmings swayed by anyone who could state things with confidence. An insider reports that at one point they were 8 - 2 for Not Guilty, and the next morning a Republican CINO said he read his Bible and felt he got a sign from God. 1 hr later, a unanimous guilty verdict.


Dudes dressing up like women USED to be silly, because it was understood that it was a reversal of what was correct, appropriate, and normal.

Now when it's done it's embarrassing and cringy, because it's sooo overdone and actually obvious that the ones doing it ARE willing to take it in the butt secretly.

Agree? Disagree?

A Boomer Libtard at lunch today insisted that Islam was a religion of peace and Muslims do NOT want to kill Christians.

I guess it must just be my imagination.

He said fuck the Jews, though.

Smooth-brain female "logic:"

"They're not really against murder. If they were against murder, they'd be murdering!"


Not that I'm against giving the Right some actionable ideas.

*(This also shows, just like the recently arrested troon pedo in in the news said, that the Left KNOWS the Right is all talk. For all the tough-guy shit, the Left actually WILL kill and enslave. That's why they're not afraid of you Rightoids. Literal sissies WILL kill you first.)

Husbands will get new tools to make their work around the house easier -- things that they only sometimes get to use, when something breaks -- and they're genuinely happy and thankful.

Wives would get a vacuum cleaner or any kind of appliance that made their day-to-day even easier than it already is and they'd get butthurt.

A fountain of sperm? Isn't there a super chatter known as "Walking Jizz Fountain" here? We need an expert on the case.

What exactly are these fountains and how do they work together with emus and midgets? Are they common? Are they popular? Do they have a "made in the USA" sticker? Does it take ANY cum, or just Jewish and black?

@Tfmonkey There are 1 or 2 good vaccine / disease charts in this video. We all know that you are a chart connoisseur, so I thought I would send this video your way. Check it out if you'd like.


AND now McDonald's is gray and sterile with no self-serve drinks, Taco Bell employees refuse to take orders (kiosk-only), Chuck E. Cheese has a GREEN SHIT color scheme, and I literally can't order "double" anything at Domino's. Pizza Hut's delivery minumum is $15, which is ONE CENT MORE than a fucking extra-large pizza.

Fuck this world and these companies. They deserve to die out.

I am just so tired of everything sucking.

There isn't a single fucking restaurant offering anything that makes any damn sense.

This is the result of 1) diversity hires in ANY positions 2) pandering to the lowest common denominator and lowest IQ idiot.

You can't fucking get food made the way you like it anywhere outside of your kitchen. Even fast food has ridiculously overreaching restrictions.

I remember when this wasn't the case.

Ben Shapiro was against Trump in 2016 because he was told that Hillary was the chosen winner.

This is Houston Alley Theater's Ebenezer Scrooge for their "A Christmas Carol" this year.

Looks just like him(!)

Yeah yeah, they're retarded.

But they keep coming up with the most badass nicknames! "Talibangelical!" 🤣

This LibsOfTikTok bitch is really proud of marching for Israel, especially for how peaceful it was.

THAT will show Hamas(!)

Fucking Rightoids. They're so proud of being smarter than Leftards . . . It's not that high of a bar, dude.

How's voting for the lesser of two evils for decades working for ya? And now your politicians are pro-abortion, thirsty for war, ignoring Jan 6 victims, calling for censorship, and turning on your Trump -- because THEY ARE DEMOCRATS, you useless fags!

[End Scene]

Holy shit! 🤣

The Russian text says "gender equality"

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