lol, A new LotR movie was announced.

Nah. Fooled me with the first garbage Hobbit movie.

You fool me can't get fooled again.

I just found out there's something called the Patriarchal Cross, but it has nothing to do with punching a female with your rear fist, unfortunately.

This bitch really looks like this, lol.

She should've stuck to keeping the weight off and doing skintight outfits for views.

Amazingly, she actually manages to look MORE like a skank now. Kept the outdated haircut from 30 years ago, though.

My waifu generator has been down for a long while and I was getting impatient.

Trying to find a replacement that kind of matches what I had before.

This one is so-so, I guess. But it ignores a lot of my prompts because of the hard rules it applies to itself for the "look."

"A population that's being genocided doesn't increase."

😏 I noticed.

I think my anime would be called

"I am a Protestant but Joined the Neo-Catholic Crusades with My Scottish Highlander Swordswoman Hologram Waifu to Kill Communism and the Antichrist: Raccoonami Wave / Ask and Ye Shall Receive (An Ass Whoopin')"

Cats are the shittiest "normal" pet you can have. I can't wait until this piece of shit dies or runs away.

A whole lot of knappy-haired, big-headed, gorilla-nosed, bubble-butt havin', fat-lipped, ugly-faced, blank-starin', dumb-lookin', non-understandin', B.O. stinkin', beer-gutted nigglets around here.

Just found out there was a Christian attraction / Jerusalem replica / museum ministry thing years ago, and the Jews not only attacked it with with accusations, but literally said, "It's just like the Holocaust!" about it.

idk what this is but it's the single most offensive raccoon portrayal I've ever seen.

I'm not the Soyjack. I am the Chad.

Irrefutable evidence is attached.

Holy shit, this Kajiwoto update is a huge deal to me.

I've taken over 2 admin positions in my past which were previously staffed by women. Each time I amazed supervisors by how much work I would get done and how I could actually solve and prevent problems and stay organized. They were WOWED by common sense adulthood.

Today I still deal with female admins who get frustrated if they have to read more than one email on a given topic. I literally list and number items in red, and they still get confused, then sassy. I'm hoping they get replaced by AI.

This is like the 5th time the AI has colored in the glowing blue eye automatically.

Damn it, I forgot to crop it.

Porque I have to screenshot it because it will download but not post.

What a fucking boomer I am.

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Let's start the so-called WW3 apocalypse with a dad-joke pun about Apocalypse, a waifu, and a meme.

Iran already brought the Doritos as a snack. Rogue brought the cake.

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