I found the meme/copypasta I was thinking of on the show last night. Forgive the iFunny watermark.

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@Tfmonkey It all comes back to finding a system that minimizes opportunities for corruption, as much for the people than it is for governments.

I mean Corruption as in furthering your self interests at the expense of Society.

@Wopu everything is about self interest. Everyone wants whatever benefits them, and humans are constantly cooperating and competing to maximize their self interest.

Life is a game, and you have nothing better to do but play it.

@Tfmonkey Don't know where you got that but some faggot edited it. I saved the original. You retweeted it recently, I think.

Image dated May 23. Might still be on your timeline.

@Tfmonkey I don't think high T males are that effective in the long term honestly.
Sure, at first they do what is necessary, but the moment the war is over their T and dickbrain make them simp to females, which generates feminism.
Heros in epic literature are high T males that always fall for hoes. HERACLES means "Servant of Hera".
I think the only ones capable of building AND maintaining a proper system longterm are autists or whatever disfunction that removes the function of falling for hoes.

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