Hey so you know how truckers are supposedly not going to deliver food to NYC anymore? Well the “leader” Chicago Ray cucked out.

It’s so unfortunate that you can’t spread the word without being targeted.

When SHTF it’s gonna come down to men without families to do everything.

You heard it hear folks a nigger thinks every other nigger is a criminal just for being a nigger

@Tfmonkey Do you know the name of that study where they tried to enact equity (communism) in a classroom by giving the A students’ points to D-students and everyone failing as a result? I’ve been looking but can’t find it.

Watch this whole Super Bowl Parade shooting get memory-holes once the news shows he’s an illegal immigrant.

The more I go on Twitter the more I’m convinced democrats need to be enslaved.

So that fat retarded commie Vaush’s excuse for having lolicon was that he thought they were goblins.


So that fat retarded communist Vaush accidentally revealed his porn folder on stream and its just all lolicons and horses.

I hope every debate he has from now is just people trolling him. Hopefully someone minecrafts that pedo.

This faggot really thinks that killing all civilians who belong to the same race/group of people you’re fighting isn’t genocide. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Aristotle proclaimed that rationality is what separates Man from animal.

Machiavelli introduces the concepts of the Ways of Man and Beast.
Man - to use Law and argumentation and reason to resolve conflict
Beast - to use force and violence unto those the Way of Man fails.

Thus, those who are not rational should never be treated as Man. Reason and logic are lost on them, and must be considered to be beasts. So then, they must always be controlled or killed or they will only bring ruin.

How to walk away from society:

- Leave the country
- Do no enlist
- Do not get married
- Do not volunteer your time or donate your money
- Do not consoom
- Do not vote for Feminists
- Do not help people who vote against you
- Homeschool your children
- Do not go to college
- Live off-grid

This government would rather give Boomers their fucking social security and niggers welfare than actually fund science and advance the country. There is so many new world-changing discoveries and they go nowhere because there’s no funding and the media doesn’t cover it. And no one cares.

All these fucking people will bitch about healthcare this and surgeries that, but will be a roadblock to actual progress like CRISPR therapies, stem cells, and anthrobots. Fuck this society.


This society will chastise men who get leg lengthening surgery but praise them for cutting their dicks off. 🤡🌎

28 states are telling Biden to go fuck himself and the biggest story on Twitter is some black dude posting AI pictures of Taylor Swift naked. 🤡🌎. Can we get to the hard times already??

With all the wild stuff going on in the world we might actually not have an election this year. The Cathedral is teetering on the edge of destruction and it looks like Texans or the Houthis can push it over. And it’s only January.

So my dad and stepmom will revamp the kitchen for $60k but won’t chip in for a $5k back-up car. Fucking Boomers.

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