Argentinian female writer who is friends with Milei's sister (Karina Milei) confirms that Milei is naive when it comes to the US.

Milei has a Boomer mentality and thinks the US still values Liberty, which is why he wants to ally with it.

Source with timestamp.

YouTube | Will Javier Milei Save Argentina? | Guest: Lady Astor | 11/30/23


Milei and his Jewish rabbi are going to raffle Milei's first month's salary as president among their voters. (It's so over.)

Javier Milei is the first Libertarian president.

Israel can't activate the Samson's Option if it gets nuked by every nuclear country first.

@Tfmonkey This is the communist take on low birth rates. Take a listen.

tl;dw: low quality work place equals low birth rate, therefore, high quality work place equals higher birth rate.

@Tfmonkey So MetWeb, and MetVPN, are by the same guy behind MGTOW.tv, correct?

TFM if the commodities markets hadn't been manipulated and he made bank during winter of 2022.

@Tfmonkey Vtuber Pipkin Pippa used this chimp image for a thumbnail. It's funny because you used it to as profile picture. Pippa and TFM collab.

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