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I don't know why I torture myself arguing with normies.

CBDC is on the way. The vax is here to stay.

If you don't know by now you deserve whats coming to you

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So for all my homies out there. While we've got to get our move on out of the way of things happening I'd suggest reading 'Words From a Bosnian Survivalist'. Very good piece from a guy named Selco who survived the collapse of Bosnia and the social ills that came with it. Just a lot of basic small things to look out for and obviously not all is applicable, but certainly if you're not "Out in da woods." entirely it can be a useful supplement to read into. Short, and to the point. Good small Read.

I'm just shy of 200 lbs ATM I'm like 200.8 I'll get there boys let's FUCKINGGG GOOO

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The only, and I repeat the ONLY reason we're even HEARING about their cases is due to their fame and vealth.

If a nonsense case were to be thrown at someone ike you and me we will get FUCKED with no Vaseline.

Yet I still hear:

bUt 60 hOeZ accused him!

Y wood 60 hOeZ lYe?

U mUSs bE sPoNsOrEd by iNfOwArZ

i cAnT BELIEVE uR deEfeNdIng a lItErAl RaAyYpIiSt!

I don't wish death on anyone but I don't miss a single one of these chucklefucks when they croak from gummi worms. GOOD RIDDANCE!


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I respect the racists, anti-semites, and an-caps more on here more than i will any normie.

Why? Because even though I disagree with them, at least they STAND for something instead of believing whatever the gov tells them to.

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TFM talking about joining Crowder's network got me thinking.

Imagine TFM and the crew trying to pitch the TFM show to a normie network like fox.😂

Fox: "Okay so what have you got for us?"

TFM: "I present the TFM show. A late-night variety show with topics like:

Taking women's rights away.
Economics, personal freedom
Impaling the commies"


TFM:"Yup! It's efficient and it makes a statement. But wait, there's more!"


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CNN: "Thank for coming. We're looking for a new diverse show for our network.

TFM:"Diverse you say? Say no more! Between me and my cohosts we have trans, blacks, chinese, jews, the gang's all here!"

CNN:"Great! Tell me more."

TFM:"Gladly! We don't shy away from any topic.Some of our past segments are:

Kuroi's Calloused penis in a cage
Horse porn
Kudos to the Taliban"

CNN:"The Taliban?!"

TFM:" Look they're not perfect but I give credit where credit is due.

CNN: *Has a panic attack


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@37712 once my previous messages are back up i'll share the previous one i did, i made it create an entire cast of characters and backstories for all of them

@37712 i'll link you to the pastebin of this story, it's actually really good

@37712 i thought i saved it somewhere let me see if i have it saved anywhere

define misandry:

It's important to note that just because someone is a man, it doesn't mean that they can't experience misogyny and discrimination. Also, misandry should not be conflated with criticism of specific actions or policies that negatively impact men. And criticism of patriarchy or criticism of behaviors that traditionally associated with men doesn't imply misandry.

define misogyny:

It's important to note that misogyny can occur in both subtle and overt forms, and can be directed towards women in general or specific individuals. It can also manifest in different way and be perpetuated by individuals, institutions and societies.

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