Does anyone have the male abuse statistics that show that men suffer more abuse in relationships and have less support? I need to prove a point, also any data disproportionately affecting men over women

With it being international harmony day let us all remember that white is the best colour

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>"...certain groups of right wing and nationalist extremists have developed a sophisticated understanding of DNA that often surpasses archaeologists or museum professionals."
I'm not just racist, I'm professionally racist, and will dox your haplogroup and mtDNA.

every single white girl here is literally just a whore tourist looking for druggo rape dicking

I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card and I'm wondering if I should upgrade my motherboard too?

My current setup is an i9-9900k with 62gig ram and a 1080ti.

I wanna upgrade to a 4090

So I broke my leg kick personal best and now I can leg kick 120kg (244lbs) for 12 clean reps

Anyone else using's home server on element? Mine is fucking not connecting I think their home server got nuked, awesome I wonder if midov is open back up again

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