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Height doesn't matter if one has a hot waifu. She will love you for who you are

@Tfmonkey @DicusMaximus I really must watch that debate but I have work meetings all day at the office.

@Tfmonkey @DicusMaximus

Destiny: "you can't take a complex issue and boil it down to one or two points"

Also Destiny: "I don't care about history because slavery"

Never liked Destiny. His entire channel is popular because he's a leftist who uses sophistry to back up his bullshit. And the thing is you can't do studies on certain topics because you'd get banned. Just like doctors that did studies on how ineffective covid was and had licenses revoked. Destiny knew this but plays dumb

@FallenPrinceBelial @Tfmonkey @DicusMaximus

Destiny "you can't take a complex issue & boil it down into 1 or 2 points."

Destiny doesn't know what's an Occam's razor is.

@Tfmonkey @DicusMaximus @Tfmonkey @DicusMaximus this meme is inaccurate because the monkey and Destiny are the same height.

@Tfmonkey @DicusMaximus The monke only confirmed what I already thought of him, that he's rooted in reality. And personally I live in Brazil so almost nothing that comes out of academia in my country can be trusted because it's already taken over by globohomo, so the only thing that's left to trust is something called "people who have two eyes in their skull", a.k.a. people who are able to the see the reality of the common man.

@Tfmonkey I am surprised you did not say anything when he basically said that history had nothing to teach us, that anything that happened in the 1700s was completely useless and irrelevant. Also, you should have known better than to debate an idiot like that who needs a study to prove to him that water is wet but I guess you where doing it to try and reach some ppl in the audience but not having sources for your charts made u look unprepared.

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