@Tfmonkey @UncleIroh Ig I'd be in paleo-conservatism because I do want roads and such to be public. It's just a lot easier and less confusing to have road standards across the board and overall I think it benefits freedom of movement more. Again, I mainly say this because if someone wanted to travel through counties, assuming new infrastructure was built for each one, but this is hypothetical, they'd all be different when going through them.

@UncleIroh Interesting graph. I'd personally fall between the Minarchism and Paleo-Conservative/Classical Liberal line. Fire Protection should fall under the purview of local municipalities. Roads should too. Buses and subways should not, however, and education should not at all.

@philosophy It's an endlessly fascinating graph for all the reasons you've stated - no-one can agree on the exact boundaries.

Most of our collective red lines are at Education - always has, always will. No surprise that Education is the battleground for Commies - once the State gets involved in Education it's the wedge they need into the family - divorce, CPS, abortion, higher education. The wolf's now in the door.

Energy is special, especially for Nuclear. I don't want that all being private.

@UncleIroh Nuclear should be private but regulated for safety and disposal. And the only safety parts that should be regulated are those that could cause damage to the commons. I don't care if workers don't want to wear their protective gear if I'm not paying their health insurance. But I do care about meltdowns and procedures around that should be regulated by the states.

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