This fucking retard actress had half her face paralysed from the vaxx. She says she'd do it again. She deserves everything coming to her.

@UncleIroh @Tfmonkey He had me at the intro.

He's definitely on point with his view on the origination of issues and what will occur -

@UncleIroh This guy gets it. It's all about the debt. Glad to see I'm not alone on this hill for once.



I had given up on finding another financial voice that confirms views similar to yours, and then today i came across this gem -

You may likely disagree on all things crytpo. Personally? His broad geopoltiical macros are spot on and I think he gets the importance of crypto in a CBDC world largely correct. I think he fails to understand BTC's weakness as compared to XMR's strengths.

I don't care. He's more right than wrong. Instant follow.

Guess they don’t need lawn service in the off season.

@UncleIroh I have loads of issues with the commie anti-pope and vatican II

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