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every boy growing up has to contend with violence & war. his attitude to violence, capacity for it, inclination for it, skill level, under what conditions to use it, against whom, how far to go.

this includes hunting, revenge, retaliation, defense & offense. and for those of us that believe in a moral universe, good and evil.

under your ethical framework, how do you contend with this?

The code trevador used was adapted from Monero’s PoW code.

Monero also gets a lot of use on Tor sites. Some people who like private money also are drawn to other private spaces online. So helping the Tor network beat the DDoS attacks it’s been under is good for Monero.

Both are somewhat tangentially related to Monero.

This guy has a plausible central-banking explanation for the actual "mechanism of fuckery" in the commmodity futures market.

Alex Jones claims a White House source told him that President Joe Biden walks around naked in the White House and is drugged up on amphetamines and benzos.

"He wanders around for the entire two and a half years, but it's getting worse... naked in the White House."

"They have to give him a bunch of drugs. A bunch of amphetamines in the morning."

Subscribe: Tucker Carlson (

@UncleIroh @shortstories @philosophy Mostly that.

The language model is fine, but the training dataset has labels for identifying "problematic" topics.

Take that same model but build up a database with no explicitly labeled politics and you'll end up with an AI that has no notion of woke or based.

If you want some fun, look up GPT4Chan. The AI is trained using samples of 4Chan chat conversations and it legit got 4Chan bamboozled.

@ButtWorldsMan That's crazy, I'd commit suicide in shame if my instincts was to hide behind my kid.

I particularly like this:

"The right of the people to keep and deploy AI models shall not be infringed." - Cody Wilson

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Fed up with all the lobotomized AI's like Grok, Bard & ChatGPT?

There's a new one under development from Cody Wilson, the maker of the ghost gun.

He's built his own AI called "GatGPT", the answer to everything firearms -

I have nothing to do with it, but it looks promising. The view that processing power (compute), databases, & AI models are the newest weapons of our age and that we need to keep access to them is 100% on the money. New 2A.

exactly 21 more, so a little gift from the BTC community? xD

@skylar @YeetLibs Lefties guide to discourse:

- liking in-shape girls of legal age with big fat hefty hangers = pedo

- wanting to anally rape minor boys = heckin wholesome bigchungus inclusion

Turns out the Feds and other Governments have been spying on all push notifications the whole time and using it to even de-anonymise users on anonymous messenger apps.
And they placed a gag order on so they don't tell users.

These evil tyrants can't give us a break 🤦‍♂️

I doubt @ntfy and @unifiedpush is any safer

imagine owning an iphone and expecting privacy.

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Whether or not satan is real is not the point of why I am telling this story

In Pilgrims Progress one of the traps Satan did was to put a bench right before the final destination

This way people would feel they got almost all the way there and just sit on the bench and relax and do nothing

They would never reach the final destination because of that bench

It was not an army they had to fight or a danger to confront but a bench

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