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POLL: Plot twists ..

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A useful and short primer on BRICS and global economics from sanctions expert Jim Rickard.

Last up is Uberboyo talking with the WhatIfAltHist guy, and they focus on putting what's happening right now in a broad historical arc based on past patterns.

One prediction that grabbed me is that he thinks there will be less than half the current global population by the end of the century.

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Next up is Tom Luongo talking with TFTC, a bitcoin guy, on the Trump assassination.

I don't normally like either of them, but I'm about halfway through, and what I've heard so far is pretty sound.

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Some very insightful podcast episodes out right now. The script has flipped and some people are really stepping up their commentary and prediction game.

First up is Scott Ritter talking with Dialogue Works. His analysis on Israel's bleak future is priceless.

I'm taking this as a massive white pill.

If Kamal-Toe is really going to be the nomination, then there are now 2 fronts to divide and conquer over, race and sex.

Given the feminist backlash we've seen everywhere, I'm expecting a tidal wave of "anti-misogyny" flak to start any day now.

We're all domestic terrorists now.

Maybe someone did hijack Biden's Twitter and decided to force the issue.

My employer is horrible at communication, but jeez.

Good news. Japan shut down the "black samurai" psyop in it's tracks.

Turns out that the academic behind it all ... wait for it .. is Jewish. There really are no exceptions to this rule.

This is a public view into how the subversion sausage is made, this is the playbook.

Re-discovered footage proves that all deer were Nazi sympathizers.

ADL advises immigration laws against foreign wolves be scrapped to prevent this in the future.


Bitcoin being prepped as reserve currency.

I've now heard 2 podcasts make the case, the Whitney Webb one is particularly good.

Dude's going to get hit with "let's open up the marriage" soon.

Mass IT outage grounds planes and hits trains, banks and businesses acrost the world.

It's look like the global cyber attack is here 😈

POLL: Plot twists ..

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