@Tfmonkey I want to support you and @amr and GIVESENDBRO but the new payment system forces me to create a paypal account to put money in to the wallet, something that I really dont want to do. I closed down my paypal account recently and I really dont want to open up a new one. I have not been able to reach @amr regarding this any chance that you can help?


@Tfmonkey @amr

I have the same problem. I'm probly gonna have to jump ship to subscribe star next month.

I wanted to support the bros but I refuse to give $$ to commie companies like PayPal


@basedbagel @37712 @Tfmonkey Hey Karuros, sorry the for late reply as I'm not active on the server. Yes, we do have other methods to put money with us on GSB. You can cashapp us or put money on your mgtow wallet and I'll transfer it to GSB. If putting money on mgtow tv, please add 3.0% plus 30 cents as this covers our ultra low profit margin. Email me at [email protected] if you want our cashapp or if you made the transaction at mgtow tv. Again, sorry for the late reply.

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@amr @basedbagel @Tfmonkey

Hi Amr,

I would like to transfer $40 from my mgtow wallet to my givesendbro wallet. I emailed you my user information to both [email protected] and [email protected] emails. Please let me know if you need any further information to transfer the funds, thanks.

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