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Happy thanksgiving! @Tfmonkey

In the spirit of giving I animated one of my favorite moments from your streams.

Hope you enjoy!

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I made an ad/starter guide for people joining the monkey's market minute.

@Tfmonkey You can send this to the newbies who ask where they should start.

Step 1: Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover FREE:

Step 2: Thomas Sowell's basic economics FREE:

Step 3: Monkeynomics 101 series

Step 4: TD Ameritrade sector rotation:

Step 5: Ray Dalio:

Step 6: Monkey's market minute!

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@Tfmonkey on Obesity

(Sorry about the watermark but we're on a tight budget here at bagel studios.)

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If you're new to Mastodon this is a great video for you:

Also If you wonder why there's no like button on here:

Mastodon was created based on 2015 twitter which didn't have likes, only favorites

So on mastodon

A favorite is for the author ("I liked this")

a bookmark is for you ("I want to see this again later")

...a boost is for your followers ("more people should see this")

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From this point on i have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for TFM slander and baseless Jewish conspiracies!

Call me a dickrider idgaf.

Enough is enough.


1. I spiritually expatriated from the United States and I suggest you do the same.

2. I no longer go the extra mile at work and I won't until I'm >35.

3. Still saving my shekels to build a nest egg.

My current plan:

1. Pay off debt asap by working 2 remote jobs

2.Visit my shortlist of 3-5 countries to decide where i want to move

3. Learn language of country of choice

4. Leave USA and never look back!

Ok Back to my hiatus

Good luck guys! 🫡

There is no nobility in taking uncanny levels of abuse.

It doesn't make you any less of a man to Just leave.

Tell the truth. Make no friends. Feel alone but free

Tell lies, make many fake friends. Still feel alone and not free.

May as well be authentic

The job market is WORST than the dating market because you can't nope out no matter how insane it gets

I'm GLAD This female "police officer" (who is totally not a sex kitten) got a 500k settlement for getting fucked...

I've been saying all women do at work is get fucked, start drama, and delegate for the LONGEST.

AFAIC as soon as you let females in the police its over.

I hope the police dept goes bankrupt over this foolishness

Men having multiple women just makes sense.

Women already struggle servicing 1 dick. Why would they go get 3 more when they don't have the libido for it?

Meanwhile I can service 4 girls w/ no problem. 😎

FINALLY normies are talking about Dan Schneider!

Feels good to be vindicated after almost a decade.

Ageism is primarily against the YOUNG.

this is the 3rd time in the interview process where as soon as they found out my age the pay went down or I was magically no longer "qualified" enough.

Conveniently Age discrimination against the young isn't even against the law...

The MOMENT I find > 3 people I can talk with on my level I'm never going back online again

The MOMENT I find > 3 people I can talk with on my level I'm never going back online again

I'm not socially awkward.

It's just that everything i want to talk about is either Taboo or Esoteric.

I wish I could buy back all the time i wasted arguing, explaining and justifying basic shit...

I used to keep a mental list of all the demonic people that wronged me.

I havent updated it in a while now that i care about traveling > revenge

Have i matured or lost my edge?

>>>>>>>> people who kiss their dogs on the lips 🤢

I still don't get why maternity leave HAS to be paid though I don't mind it existing

As a business owner it's not fair that Im paying you for 1-2 years to not work AND another employee to actually work. FTFY

And i got pushback when I said women shouldn't work or have a bank account.


Women just can't work without major handicaps for men and when they do they delegate, bloviate, and deliberate.

I'm not being mean just being pragmatic but I'm outvoted so 🤷‍♂️

I'm getting real sick of hearing this doom & gloom that once single mothers lose their benefits all hell will break loose.


Once single mothers lose their benefits they will simply find men and lose weight.

Women do not revolt, they adapt.

And they are DAMN good at it.

Their kids on the other hand...

@basedbagel 3 steps is still too many.

It's usually mental incapacity. Stupid people don't drool and wear cones on their heads, they pretend to understand and reply with word salad. Then their ego gets bruised when you tell them their word salad is wrong, while straining your patience to not call them a retard for how dumb it was, and they start arguing with you.

I don't explain anything to anyone. I put in time and effort to understand it myself. They can do the same.

I no longer explain any concept to normies that is more than 3 steps long.

Idk if it's laziness or incompetence but most people simply can't keep up and i don't have the patience anymore

You are NOT asexual, you just have a low libido. (most likely from a shit diet)

Humans are not an asexual species.

All healthy humans have a sex drive thet compels them to the opposite sex.

IDK why this triggers me but it does.

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