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If you're new to Mastodon this is a great video for you:

Also If you wonder why there's no like button on here:

Mastodon was created based on 2015 twitter which didn't have likes, only favorites

So on mastodon

A favorite is for the author ("I liked this")

a bookmark is for you ("I want to see this again later")

...a boost is for your followers ("more people should see this")

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From this point on i have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for TFM slander and baseless Jewish conspiracies!

Call me a dickrider idgaf.

Enough is enough.

My boosted normie family and I are getting along better than ever!

Who knew all it took was certain death?

I had an idea for a book only to find out that someone already wrote it better over 100 years ago...

Ah well back to the lab again. I respect the classics but I wish they left a couple more stones unturned

I know I'm late to the party but I just used CHAT-GPT to make me automation scripts and when I saw the result I was like:

Twitter: OMG DiCaprio is dating ANOTHER 19 year old. He's like a LITERAL sex offender Oh me Oh my!


TIL a Pyrrhic victory- A very costly victory, wherein the considerable losses outweigh the gain, so as to render the struggle not worth the cost.

Why do women care if their husband/boyfriend watches porn?

I'm genuinely curious as I really don't see what the big deal is.

Male sex drive is 7X stronger than the woman's so unless you want some live action goblin slayer...

Let the man beat his meat!

"In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him"

I used to love this quote but I still hate normies now that I understand them.

Maybe if there weren't so many of them and they were easier to avoid 🤷‍♂️

Please don't be a red pill autist like I was.

Women are just people like anyone else. Some are useful, most are useless.

But don't let the red pill stop you from doing things that make sense like business.

@dander @Tfmonkey @VooDooMedic

This dipshit just regurgitates Rollo's work, she doesn't know shit. Its a grift and will go away and be forgotten soon enough.

I tried my 1st walking meditation today and it was FANTASTIC.

My legs kept falling asleep during my sitting meditaiton so for now it's walking ftw!

I no longer shop in stores if I can help it.

The competence of my store employees has fallen lower that I can tolerate.

I just saw an old video of Mark Zuckerberg and I'm convinced he's been cloned.

Update: I had to cut out the dead bodies but it worked!

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I tried to upload some fan art to animate "TFM the Commie Impaler" and I got this message.

What's the point of AI if you can't do anything fun?🙃

@Tfmonkey on Obesity

(Sorry about the watermark but we're on a tight budget here at bagel studios.)

I changed my mind on BTC. I thought it was a decentralized currency to hedge against the banks.

I just found out that a few wallets own most of it and most mining isn't decentralized enough to where 1 country couldn't ban it.

I still like the idea though but way more work needs to be done before I buy in again.

I get that the US wants to neutralize Russia to get at China as they thought it'd be easy to do via Ukraine.

What I don't get is that what's stopping China from paying Taiwan a visit while we're going bankrupt sending billions to Ukraine?

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