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Happy thanksgiving! @Tfmonkey

In the spirit of giving I animated one of my favorite moments from your streams.

Hope you enjoy!

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I made an ad/starter guide for people joining the monkey's market minute.

@Tfmonkey You can send this to the newbies who ask where they should start.

Step 1: Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover FREE:

Step 2: Thomas Sowell's basic economics FREE:

Step 3: Monkeynomics 101 series

Step 4: TD Ameritrade sector rotation:

Step 5: Ray Dalio:

Step 6: Monkey's market minute!

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@Tfmonkey on Obesity

(Sorry about the watermark but we're on a tight budget here at bagel studios.)

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If you're new to Mastodon this is a great video for you:

Also If you wonder why there's no like button on here:

Mastodon was created based on 2015 twitter which didn't have likes, only favorites

So on mastodon

A favorite is for the author ("I liked this")

a bookmark is for you ("I want to see this again later")

...a boost is for your followers ("more people should see this")

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From this point on i have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for TFM slander and baseless Jewish conspiracies!

Call me a dickrider idgaf.

Enough is enough.

NEVER go into debt for consumer goods.

My MacBook pro was 3700 and I paid 300$ a month and just paid it off.

I was only half retarted because I

1. Never paid a dime of interest thanks to the apple card.

2. Thanks to inflation I paid a little less than if I had bought it in cash up front.

3. My credit score went up paying it back.

But it was still a dumb move.

I should have just waited a year and bought it on used in cash like I do with phones.

Trumps CNN defamation lawsuit was dimissed by a judge HE appointed.

This is why the right is so useless.

Had this been a leftist lawusuit and a leftist judge they would have hooked each other up.

No loyalty SMH

I thought the Jews were invincilble?

LOL stupid fucks 😂

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Jootards been real quiet since SBF got arrested.

I just got an app that took the prescription of my old pair of glasses with damn near pinpoin accuracy..

I love tech

2 wrongs dont make a right.

But It does make me feel alot better.


Is your car insurance lower now that you identify as a woman?

I heard women have lower insurance rates but in my state there isn't much difference.

If my childis gay, they're given away.

There's no point investing in kids that can't have kids.

Bronnie James, a young athlete, just got cardiac arrest.

The CNN doctor said covid puts you at a higher risk of myocarditis than the vax...

LOLOLOL I got covid twice and have had ZERO health issues since.

With 2 exceptions everyone I know who got vaxxed has health issues.

Going to try lucid dreaming today, Will follow up in a week with my findings.

Stoicism is being tested heavily today.

2 people that snaked me are now doing 4X better than me at life.

I know I shouldn't envy them but... It's hard man

I remember back in the blue pill days I had a coworker tell me he was going to commit a crime to be more attractive to women.

I laughed in his face and told him how stupid it sounded.

One petty crime later and he had a girlfriend.

He who laughs last laughs best.

I learned a valuable lesson that day.

I changed my mind on TWRA.

I don't think it will change anything at this point.

Even if women stopped voting they would just cry to simps to do their work for them.

The only way to save America at this point would be a civil war and I'm a soft bagel so I'm no good in a war.

I heard Kim Jong Un has all the baddest bitches in North Korea as glorified sex slaves tending to his very whim.

I know I should be outraged but I have to honest, A piece of me was like "That sounds kind of dope having the baddest bitches in the land at m y beck and call."

It just goes to show we al have the same dark urges, some of us just choose not to act on it.

I was talking with a normie about if we didn't have our health benefits tied to our employers we would be paid more and it would be cheaper.

He agrees but says "Yeah but I really like my benefits though."

This is why all debates are a waste of time.

Even if people agree with you they won't do anything about it unless it threatens their life.

Just another reason I'll be leaving th country soon.

Btw you can get it way cheaper than 85$ if you don't want transitions.

If you just want regular glasses they'll only urn you 20-40$

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Attention anyone who wears glasses!

I just got a new pair of prescription glasses online for 85$ and you can too!

1. Get an eye exam and request a copy of your results. Make sure they include you PD and demand it because you'll need it.

2. Go te or and pick out whatever glasses you want

Done! You just saved hundreds of dollars on your glasses.

🖕 to all these companies charging a massive markup for some cheap ass chinese-made glasses.

I need to take a hiatus.

You guys really blew my mind/traumatized me with this goth poll and I'm gonna need some time to recuperate.

People kissing dogs is just so nasty to me.

I've seen dogs drink toilet water and lick their own ass.

To think that someone would kiss a dog after that make me wanna puke.

A while ago I spoke against many of women's unearned privileges like working and I got alot of push-back.

Please check out this article.

This female judge put some women in jail for days because he wanted to get her marriage licensed changed now that she knew who her father was.

This is what happens when you put women in positions of power.

They can't think objectively and have no business being judges or working at all.

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