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Happy thanksgiving! @Tfmonkey

In the spirit of giving I animated one of my favorite moments from your streams.

Hope you enjoy!

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I made an ad/starter guide for people joining the monkey's market minute.

@Tfmonkey You can send this to the newbies who ask where they should start.

Step 1: Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover FREE:

Step 2: Thomas Sowell's basic economics FREE:

Step 3: Monkeynomics 101 series

Step 4: TD Ameritrade sector rotation:

Step 5: Ray Dalio:

Step 6: Monkey's market minute!

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@Tfmonkey on Obesity

(Sorry about the watermark but we're on a tight budget here at bagel studios.)

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If you're new to Mastodon this is a great video for you:

Also If you wonder why there's no like button on here:

Mastodon was created based on 2015 twitter which didn't have likes, only favorites

So on mastodon

A favorite is for the author ("I liked this")

a bookmark is for you ("I want to see this again later")

...a boost is for your followers ("more people should see this")

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From this point on i have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for TFM slander and baseless Jewish conspiracies!

Call me a dickrider idgaf.

Enough is enough.

I keep hearing about how social media, GMOs and propaganda made everyone retarded.

But I suspect most people were a bunch of stupid cowards and have been throughout history.

I know alot of people were lied to but do you really need to be TOLD that you shouldn't trust the gov?

Social media was censored but they haven't banned any books so the information is out there if you want to find it.

Passports were supposed to be a temporary thing during WW1... It's now been expanded and is never going away.

The Patiot act was supposed to be a temporary thing during the war on terror. Its now been expanded and is never going away.

I have no reason to believe the power they took during covid will be given back to us without a fight.

One of the few women I respected was Helen Keller.

Unlike most women she

1. Overcame a struggle
2. Produced something (books)

Well I just found out she was a commie...

Needless to say I no longer respect Helen Keller

My dad keeps on getting boosted as he's glued to the TV terrified of every new variant...

I remember seeing an old friend of mine post that he's excited for his wedding.

I was toying with the idea of warning him of the dangers of marriage until I realized he's in Asia now....

So I gave him well wishes and went on my merry way.

Top 3 countries I'm thinking to move to 2023:

1. Thailand
I have people I know there
The weather is fantastic
Cost of living is on point

2. Brazil
Weather's warm
Great food
Excellent for my work

3. Mexico
Weak central gov
Dirt cheap to live
No Vax bullshit when covid was around

My only issue with this Asia is the future meme is that they are WAY too submissive.

If they became a bit more freedom loving and government hating they'd be perfect!

Meeting in the middle of right and retarded doesn't make you balanced, it makes you half retarded.

For example, getting only 1 shot of the vaccine...

The truth isn't always in the middle

I highly recommend travel to see what life is like without a social safety net.

My mudblood normies get sick and are out for days/ a week.

I got sick and I bounced back in a couple days lol PUREBLOOD STRONG!💪

I'll never forget all the insults and snide remarks I got over this vax.

"They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same"

I have the same routine everytime I get sick:

Cough syrup/drops
elderberry gummies

I'm not sure if the gummies work but they taste good so idc.

@Tfmonkey I heard that in the military your wife can call command and get you in trouble.

Is this true?

If so, what interest does the military have in personal affairs?

I just found out China has their own version of tiktok that promotes positive high IQ activites....

They just finessed us LOL

But tbh with or without tiktok our country was over with anyway.

It's too late to ban Tiktok. The time to do that was 4 years ago.

Everybody likes to bitch about their atrocities and ignore others that don't affect them so I propose a solution:

You can bitch about genocide/rape/slavery for 99 years. After that please STFU and move on with with life

If people didn't get it after almost a century then they never will.

Just to clear things up, if you KNOWINGLY fuck a tranny you're gay.

If you're tricked by a trap... you make them pay

I just watched a video of some girl getting beat by a group of people youll never guess and I don't give a solitary FUCK.

Every time you give these low iq normies real solutions they call you every name in the book and try to destroy you.

Maybe the pain of watching their kids become pinatas for immigrant children will give them a wake up call.

I see alot more people talking about the death rate of the vaccine.

But I feel like people missed the point.

The bodily sovereignty got turned into a partisan issue.

The state should NEVER have a right to tell you what to put in your body.

But of course no one cares unless it's their people doing the tyranny.

I can't tell if female athletes didn't see this tranny train coming as the logical extension of their philosophy and are genuinely shocked seeing women erased from sports.

Or are they well aware and just whining because their bullshit ideology is hurting them now?

It's getting harder to tell stupidity from malevolence these days but either way I'm lovin it!

What do you guys think?

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