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None of these police-state measures has succeeded in resolving America’s perpetual immigration crisis. That’s because the perpetual crisis is rooted in the immigration-control system itself.

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#TheFreeThoughtProject #TFTP

Another one bites the dust.
There goes the last privacy respecting and pseudo-annonymous p2p trading site for Monero/Bitcoin.

The global forces at work

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Many say “I have nothing to hide” when you talk to them about why you dodge Big Tech tools, but what they don’t realise is that this information is used for many more things than just building an advertising profile about you. When you accept those terms, you’re signing up for a lot more than just one company taking a peek at your data, serving you some ads, and then letting it lie.

#bigtech #privacy #surveillance #whatsapp #google #thenewoil

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If in any case you want to contact your MEP but the website of the EU to get your MEP information seems a big pile of shit, I found this website this morning with the same information in a way more accesible way
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Gentlemen. I regret to inform you. The government fucked it up.

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** "...inability to SEE the contradiction..."
I need that edit button 😆

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"There's no magic about it. Just believe"

Actual quote from a person when talking about being able to heal all sicknesses.

The inability to the contradiction in that statement is impressive 🤦‍♂️

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Even shithole countries like Nigeria are still enough to have a gov't ministry for 's issues.

"When Esther Vilar published her book 'The Manipulated Man' she was beaten up by four young women in the toilet of the Munich State Library who were angry about her perspectives."

Funny how this was done by the same sex that cries about a non-existent threat of trannies in their resttooms 🤣. Almost like you're all more dangerous to yourselves.

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70% of American women are rape smut fetishists and regularly gratify themselves to demented erotic literature that would horrify some of the worst male gooners
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Shit. Here we go

"Maher then became CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation in 2016, and, earlier this year, was named CEO of National Public Radio. At #Wikipedia, Maher became a campaigner against “disinformation” and admitted to coordinating online censorship “through conversations with government.” She openly endorsed removing alleged “fascists,” including President Trump, from digital platforms, and described the First Amendment as “the number one challenge” to eliminating “bad information.”"

.. #signal #privacy #freespeech #cmmunism #messaging #katherinemaher

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Imagine the level of narcissism it requires to go to another country and be shocked its not filled up with your shitskin, jenkem huffing, welfare hoovering swarthoid kin instead of its own people
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Weird how so-called "privacy friendly" mail providers don't give the option to pay via crypto.
Yes. Submit your ID to us to use your private email.
I'm looking at you #Mailfence, #Posteo and @hellomailo 🙄.
At least @Tutanota allows you buy a giftcard with crypto and use it to pay for the service 🤪

#email #privacy #pgp #tutanota

Impressively watching Big Con simps falling for this charade while the bitch bags more cash 🤣

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The Ring clip was cut to remove context and Hillary wiped out over 8000hrs of Ring footage.
She claims she is financial distress, yet she receives 25K per month and payment of legal fees from Crowder

Just like how Lyndsey Hill and her psychopath lawyer knowing spread lies to destroy Trevor Bauer, the same lawyer is now helping Hillary run a PR campaign to extort money from Steven
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Crowder has to pay $25k in child support that his ex wife uses to pay lawyers to go after him

He has to fund his own destruction

How fucked is US divorce court

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