Lol. Muh xenophobic, trad, honorary Aryans.
They rather open their borders, which they did years ago. And become London and swedan than tell their holes no. And btfo them back to the kitchen to breed babys

Retards and their cope.
Ur dying the fuck out cuz 0 babys. Cuz YOU allow white cunts to mark in Uni, you allow White
Cunts to chase careers.
If you thanos snap all Jews and shitskins out of every hwyte country.
Ur still dying the fuck out. And no amount of bribing cunts with tax breaks and free shot has ever worked
These faggots are pathetic and need to die.

>it’s da jooos.
Fuck! How many times do you have to see
Le hwyte genocide memes.
Le we iz getting replaced memes
Kalergi plan!

Once we defeat the Jew and nigger. Hwyte cunts will abandon their college degrees, boss bitch careers and demand to get preggers

You’re a Jew if you tryna divide hwyte kweens

@Tfmonkey Would you be a champ and kinda redraw this into one circle and elaborate into proper categories: boomers, wamen, neets, junkies, druggers, vets.. categories?
That inside discretionary % shoulda be on the same wheel

Imagine having few wives you married with the blessing of their fathers, breeding you warriors, Wives you can bang anytime u wanted, then comes a soy face tofu eating Vegan faggot in a robe telling you, wamen should also have a choice, introducing consent for femoids
Lesson learned. You split the skull of every simp suggesting such nonsense.

Pagan larpers simps are just as pathetic as Swazi NotC larping simps. Both pretend their way was correct and empowering cunts. Cuz they watched Vikings Tv show or footage of Ger cunts exercising. In reality both are simps wrong

And like any new hipster thing, femoroids were first to suck that dick and embrace equality.
Just how they are now embracing Islam and converting en masse. Coz it’s the insta make over, they can become trad, hijab wearing thots after decade of whore lifestyle

Christfaggotry was globohomo, equality, feminism 1.0 which destroyed the Aryan European races and spread the god of Yisroel and Torah to the White goy.

Lol. Zogbots.
wonder if the children of the people those veterans murdered for the jews ever suffer flashbacks and ptsd. Oh well thats enough wondering for the day

If there was a time for “French” ppl to riot and demand Justice.. it’s be after that shit dick was stabbing kids in the park.
But wamen rule and here’s how they protest cuz he was a victim too.

Mashallah dept?

If only you and your frens did this in..2020 and during Coof lockdowns. When zogbots were protecting nogs and their Yehudim handlers and arresting you for shooting a nog beating your face to a pulp…
Well things would be very different today.

But nobody did
Soon tho.

Mashallah department?

Sharia will save Ireland and the west
Ireland PM is a Dutch faggot
Mayor of Dublin is a slope whore
And When your Bible says if you’re ruled by wamen and foreigners(Jews) your nation will be cursed and destroyed
And you allowed your holes to be childless career whores cuz u want to get your dick wet, who demand to murder your baby and import infinite shit dicks..
You, fucked up. Cuz you didn’t btfo your whores, didn’t btfo the priests and bishops

No refunds

These cucks who allowed gynoids to destroy every male space but seethe cuz dykes whining abt troons in foid sports are a danger to society.

Ruzge bydlo marching from the east,
Leave millions of your people murdered and raped
>I’ll get some butter if I spread my piss flaps.
But it’s like church going christfags who let suffragettes march and organize in churches in 1848.
Wyoming, 1869, first state to give cunts vote cuz Muh church going erry Sunday dick was dry.

Guess we gonna have to kill a lot of simps and cucks. And sharia will save the west

This will hit the spot to Muh simps and cucks, anime painting Nazi grrls and the Swazi icon faggots
>yes. All wamynz are whores

>Your men killed en masse
Your cities reduced to ash.
Your society destroyed.

The victor marches in...

"Wartime Exchange"
A waman does oral sex on a GI in exchange for cigarettes, Passau, Germany, World War II, May 1945.

Q: Should women be given the right to vote?

Where’s Muh internet Swazi icon crowd
Let’s hear a Nazi cunt get wet for street shitting pajeets
We marching for adolf one day sieg heil. We Fucking gooks and ruzge bydlo next day

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