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@GrungeQueef Lesbianics.

I think that's a computer class we all had to take in the 90's.

@sardonicsmile Hell yeah! DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Gummy Bears.

@Mr_Mister @YoMomz @sardonicsmile Yeah, that's the plan. I can do nothing at all about what's coming, and all I intend to do a stay away from it, not sound the alarm. I'm not a threat to their world conquest. We can just keep quiet about each other, as long as no one shows up at the front door.

Like Nike says, "Just do it!"

@Mr_Mister @YoMomz @sardonicsmile I realize me and mine are the minority of Christians. Most churches are useless. We do have some cowboys left around here, though. Even ones like me who are usually even-tempered and the voice of reason are lately more at odds with modern Christianity and the World, who end up pushing us more into an all-or-nothing mentality.

"Love your enemies," "turn the other cheek," "give him your coat also" does not mean "Give up your responsibilities to God and others."

Declaring war on a population of people who wholeheartedly believe in and prepare for a full-on "end times" collapse isn't the same as sneak-attacking 3 senior citizens and 3 children in a 200-student Elementary school atop a small hill, you faggot necromorph abomination piece of shit. This is stupid even for a mentally ill literal-incel retard. Especially when enemy troons are so easy to identify.

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@furgar Yeah, it seems NO one has heard of this besides the one person in the video, who happened to be filming, and happened to be the only other person on earth to know this "sign" and somehow 2 OTHER women also knew exactly how to set up and execute a plan to help in a few seconds, and left the man looking foolish, spinning around.

It sounds like someone trying to "make 'fetch' a thing." They made this up. Not that it isn't helpful, I guess.

@unabomber I'm nearly 100% certain that this has nothing to do with the Wailing Wall. It's just "laying hands" to pray earnestly for something or someone. This sounds to me that they're just praying hard for our nation, and using the monument as a symbol.

I guess if the feds are looking for the mentally ill to turn into shooters, they are abundant these days, and it's pretty easy to spot a certain group of mentally ill incels now.

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@JackBandit But then you have to consider whether or not you even believe in objective evil. I do, but not everyone agrees, even if they are good men.

@JackBandit Women's suffrage / universal suffrage was a disaster. But the constitutional republic federation of states of America died with Lincoln's Presidency. Depends how far back you want to go to count as the "beginning." The slave trade, Baby Boomers, hippies, the political Right who chooses principles over survival, etc. The Fall of Man and the demonic influence? I think the simplest proverb is, instead, "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

@Tfmonkey Is this the one you recommended a while back in a comment section somewhere? I used that free Microsoft XBox screen recorder that came already installed on my laptop to capture some YouTube footage and it was total ass.

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