Declaring war on a population of people who wholeheartedly believe in and prepare for a full-on "end times" collapse isn't the same as sneak-attacking 3 senior citizens and 3 children in a 200-student Elementary school atop a small hill, you faggot necromorph abomination piece of shit. This is stupid even for a mentally ill literal-incel retard. Especially when enemy troons are so easy to identify.

@Tfmonkey Is this the one you recommended a while back in a comment section somewhere? I used that free Microsoft XBox screen recorder that came already installed on my laptop to capture some YouTube footage and it was total ass.

How did Naruto start as a "Japanese village with ninjas and mysticism" but end up turning into an "Everyone ends up piloting giant mechs but they're made of chakra" mech show?

Same type of person who likely believed that flu infections were cut to near-zero for one year -- while COVID was raging -- "because masks work."

Merry Christmas from Ronin and Irene! Blessings, health, success, and joy to you.

@Tfmonkey Not exactly fan art in the strictest sense, but I thought you and Kuroi would like these "Christmas Party" creations of Rem, Celestina, and my waifu Irene that I made in Anime Boutique. Share with him if you get a chance. I don't think he's on Merovingian yet, is he?

A nice reminder in my inbox today.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.

Got my girl in a classic costume! Cultural appropriation was extra. Happy Halloween.


Buys a can of porn and beans, expecting at least literally 1 crumb cube of pork mixed in.

The can, when I open it:

(decades too late, after there's no going back):

"Democrats are war mongers and not for the little people."

"The police are kind of not our friends . . ."

"We should stop pretending we're playing sports teams and actually vote for individuals rather than party affiliation."

"Maybe we shouldn't let the mentally ill have a say in policy."

I'm all about Let's Go Brandon, for sure, but this talk about backwards pants is so careless. You can clearly see the "back center loop" is his belt buckle and you can even see the outline of the zipper line cover on the front of his pants.

This is why the Right has no bragging rights over the Left. Yes, you're smarter than the retards on the Left. But that's not a high bar, and maybe YOU don't have to wear a helmet, but you're still in the same Special Ed class.

Been going hard and hit a brick wall because of the fucking lab-created shit COVID.

Only lost about a day, but dang. Nothing to remind you you're in your early 40's like a hard body shot.

Freaking Joe Biden Obama Clintons! This is your fault!

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