I had given up on finding another financial voice that confirms views similar to yours, and then today i came across this gem -

You may likely disagree on all things crytpo. Personally? His broad geopoltiical macros are spot on and I think he gets the importance of crypto in a CBDC world largely correct. I think he fails to understand BTC's weakness as compared to XMR's strengths.

I don't care. He's more right than wrong. Instant follow.

@UncleIroh This guy gets it. It's all about the debt. Glad to see I'm not alone on this hill for once.

@Scubbie @Tfmonkey
Yeah, that debt comparison was wild. Lambos are now the defacto unit of "Fuck You". Nice.

@UncleIroh @Tfmonkey Regarding privacy and financials, the next level is private (by design) smart contracts and private organizations operating on said contracts. I know TFM's allergy to crypto on the basis of a lack of commodity backing, but there is a chasm here deliberately created by the government (e.g. Bank Secrecy Act - 1970 - Nixon). The Patriot Act managed to make it worse. And there are times I think I'm the only one who remembers them seizing e-gold. (the gold-backed form of PayPal)

@ze @Tfmonkey
On which blockhain? Ethereum is permissionless and public, making it impossible to implement private DeFi applications.

Let's make it more concrete: on which blockchain can I currently execute a private smart contract where I can order sensitive pharmacy drugs to a physical address? Off-chain, and without doxxing me to anyone with blockchain analysis tools?

1. the only currency I know that meets these criteria is Monero.
2. Torndao Cash was made illegal by the Treasury

@UncleIroh Monero lacks smart contract support. Allegedly Dero is like Monero with smart contracts but the only public source is for the testnet, which is worrisome.

Private (non-transparent) smart contracts will open a lot of doors to new network types. The network I'm working on would certainly benefit from them (e.g. anonymous super chats paid to network participants autonomously and privately via private smart contracts).

@UncleIroh @Tfmonkey He had me at the intro.

He's definitely on point with his view on the origination of issues and what will occur -

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