Wasn’t there like a movie or something about the consequences of doing something like this……wait for it……

Jerome Powell “Restrictive stance for some time”,is he suggesting that he is committed to suppressing energy for the “Central Banks war effort”? This guy is the fucking Boomer Legend,I don’t want to be around when they lose all there money and all that is left is Ammo to spend on the Millienials fucking liberal retards. they want to push Gun Violence,he lost job,wife filed for divorce,he lost his shit for her disloyalty ,her vow of richer or poor meant nothing,instead of sticking by her man and keeping her family together.She took the selfish option,he made the fuck em all decision,Sad,but the consequences of her having the option is the narrative never spoken about

Immigration to Israel this year reached its highest point in more than two decades, according to The Jewish Agency for Israel. The figures show Russian immigrants this year alone was 37,364. The country with the next highest number of immigrants to Israel in 2022 was Ukraine with 14,680; 3,500 North Americans emigrated, as did 2,049 French.Why would they leave what do they know is coming?

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As a Gen x fuck head,I like classic cars,All the Boomers are now cruising around on electric scooters trying to sell there Hot rod hobbie cars so they can afford retirement homes.My generation still has the ability and knowledge to work on them but not for what they want for them.Gonna enjoy the fire sale.And there widows will be selling them cheap since they are all vaccinated.

You can’t plan to do the thing in a Police State has to be spontaneous

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