Watching the movie “Good Time” on TUBi and what the fuck friend

I learn about Yangon,Myanmar from Phoo, Two years ago, Burma's military regime usurped power from a democratically elected government – blatantly rejecting the will of Burma's people,(propaganda)setting the country on a disastrous path that has killed and displaced thousands, reversing the hard-fought democratic progress achieved over the last decade,we could learn a lot from Phoo’s country when they steal elections the military steps in

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Over 30,000 of the switches were reported to be illegally on Chicago streets years ago

TFM needs to give up weight loss hope or embrace his inner Butterbean and get with the Diamond Dallas Page Yoga

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@FinalDresdonation The Baltic Republican Party of Kaliningrad may try a coop?Backed by NATO forces? In an attempt to form a “fourth Baltic state” autonomous Baltic Republic?

This fucking movie describes how carpetbagging Yankees took advantage of the south,and these times is coming around again based off a true story about share cropping in the south

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@mrhorsetwat Are the Gypsies in Europe,patriarchal I know they make their women drop out of school after middle school,and have a dowry for bride system Is there any information on birth rates like that of the Omish and Hasidic Jews?

Nothing to see here just random nigger carjacking in D.C it is a blue state this shit happens all the time.

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