I must say, seeing my friends going through girlfriend issues makes me appreciate MGTOW a lot more I can't imagine the stress one must have to go through in order to maintain a relationship in this day and age.

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@Brianhere Reasoning with gynocentrists like HM is futile. All it takes is a wet poosey, and all of a sudden he converts to a feminist, golden vagina worshipping cuck, who likely salivates on the feet of his female masters. Fuck him - controlled opposition always become a fad in due time.

PUAs is an example of such failure. Clown world inbound.

And most of the comments are calling him out on it.

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Remember how I said when red pill content creators have girl friends their content gets contaminated... well here I give you exhibit A: Hoe Math giving us feminist talking points.

He's is even mentioning his girl friend in his videos, so fucking cringe.


When you go MGTOW the is a certain point were Self-actualisation kicks in and I think this video best illustrates that point.


Personally I find that when you're a respected red pill content creator and I enjoy your content however now you suddenly get a girlfriend, I now consider your content contaminated and I don't drink contaminated water I have a water distiller.

So that's how I feel about Hoe Math and Think Before Your Sleep.

If anyone has any opposing thoughts let me know.

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If College / University students in the West had to work for the 100,000 to 250,000 dollars cost of attendance BEFORE they went to College / University, admissions would be down 90%.
Most prospective students who make that money up front would realize its not worth the amount of work and cost to attend.

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