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Undeniable proof russia did it.
US inteligence has found an intact russian passport floating in the bubbles of the gas leak.

Morning Constitutional Cancelled: September 28th, 2022
I will not be available tomorrow morning for the Morning Constitutional. I will have my laptop with me, and should be able to do the Monkey's Market Minute, but won't have access to my home studio until Friday, which is close enough to Saturday that there is no point pushing the Morning Constitutional out on an off-day, only to do another stream the next day.

@houseoftolstoy Not only is Twitter not real life, we now know it's almost all fake bots and a key Intelligence Partner to boot. For the parts that are real, there's this:

@UncleIroh It's not good to have a woman in power, but I will take the least shitty solution any day. Also, Berlusconi will be part of the government and he has very good connections with Putin.

This guy couldn't look more Jewish if his name was Schlomo Finkelbergstein

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