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They suspended me multiple times knowing I never violated any policies. This is what happens when you talk about things that they don’t want you to talk about. So glad those days on Twitter are over. Thank you @elonmusk.

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The people who think drag shows are for kids flagged @libsoftiktok as "NSFW."

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Welcome to the server room! 😂

🟢 This is Colossus, my teeny tiny server stack. That second slice is quietly building and launching #ConsensusChess for @icgames. It's a @Raspberry_Pi 3 Model B.

Technologies I'm using:
🔷 .NET 7 and #CSharp (the engine)
🔷 PostgreSQL (database)
🔷 Docker Compose (containers)
🔷 Portainer (dashboard)
🔷 Raspberry Pi (server)

I'll blog some more about the project soon. Meanwhile, the source code is all here:

#IndieDev #IndieGame #Chess #OSS

Tea drinkers have solved this problem through the use of cutting edge candle technology and small cups.

You wouldn’t believe me how often politicians and decision makers tell me into the face that there are no alternatives to big tech cloud solutions. Truth is that there are a ton of Open Source alternatives. #Nextcloud

I don't know who needs to hear this.


Your back will thank you.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it's an immune response to the shitshow they see happening in the West.

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