The only Bible verse I have memorized is Timothy 2:12
"I shall suffer no woman to teach nor to usurp authority over a man..."

Cuck gets arrested after he decides to confront his wife about the cucketry

Trump is the most obvious controlled opposition I've ever seen, right behind Elon Musk. I don't understand why people think he's better than Biden, he will send the US to war.

These tweets are even more unhinged than his speeches.
However, I don't have a Twitter account and it seems Twitter hides a lot of posts from those of us who aren't on the platform. If someone wants to verify these, I'll appreciate it.

The entire Abrahamic religions need to die, they have all replaced their god with pussy, the faithful worship Mary more then their chief deity...

This last attack was a nice PR move. As far as anyone can tell, no real damage was done, it was just a highly choreographed warning. But Iran can officially say they "didn't cuck" and Israel looks calm and collected by not responding.

Now it all depends on whether Israel retaliates or not. Personally I don't think they will, yet. They want Trump in the White House, before going to war.

Also, Iran said they'll only destroy US bases if America backs Israel's counterattack, which seems unlikely.

Pope Francis: ‘Inside every Christian is a Jew’
Josephine McKenna | June 13, 2014 |

The pope also took the opportunity to criticize Holocaust denial as “madness” while defending the record of Pope Pius XII, who led the Roman Catholic Church during World War II.

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More historical accounts the white nationalist controlled opposition movement "Christ is King" won't talk about.

From priest to SS officer, Albert Hartl:

"Close personnel entanglements exist in all countries between Church and Jewry. Important Jesuits and leading personalities of the church were in the most diverse times pure-blood Jews, and even today priests and pastors who are pure-blood Jews are active on both the Catholic and the Evangelic side."


"Sergei Munier, a French citizen and commander of the Normandy-Niemen detachment, part of the Russia" - December1991

Subtitles are accurate.

From the description: 'He decided to address the French public by calling to remember the friendship of France and Russia and the fact that the French soldiers that Macron will send to Ukraine do not need to die for the interests of Washington, while the French economy is in complete decline.'

Think the foot fetish is a new thing? Christians always had a weird relationship with feet, if they're not washing or kissing them, they're drinking water with them in it, apparently...

I understand people gotta worship something, if it's not religion, it's politicians and celebrities. But this is just disgusting.

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