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Every day I tell myself I have other things to do

Then I post content instead and get very little done

One day I might suddenly stop posting or greatly reduce posting with no announcement

That means either I am getting stuff done or something bad has happened to me

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Provide source for study
I thought it was mentioned on a video by Black Pigeon Speaks

Could have been removed from youtube

Black Pigeon Felix Rex I believe is of Jewish ancestry

Blacks answered a higher percent yes for question 1 than question 2

Jews answered a higher percent yes for question 2 than question 1

Question 1

Do you support hiring more minorities in the workplace?

Question 2

Do you support hiring more minorities in the workplace if it will mean white people lose jobs?

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Media rigs election simply by agreeing whatever numbers to announce on all news channels

1 The Stunning Secret about Election Night

vaticancatholic dot com youtube channel

2 This Hoax Affects Everyone

vaticancatholic dot com youtube channel

3 The Media's Presidential Election Night Hoax [37 min. audio]

Source for all three

vaticancatholic dot com
medias election night hoax

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Evacuate the Palestinian Christians

Congress should vote to go to war against Israel and nuke Israel in a legitimate election in a manner that does not violate the law

The so called State of Israel it is not the same Israel as in the old testament but impersonating it to influence zionist so called Christians

Make similar memes with this template

My back up information for this theory is the states suggesting this bill are mostly bankrupt states caused by Marxist policies already creating artificially high prices… meaning they will be the first to feel that pressure of shortages before everyone else.

This will probably go the same way as those covid news articles stating “suddenly X common day thing causes massive heart attacks”.

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I believe we are about to start seeing mass shortages due to inflation soon and this is the government preparing to shift blame to the producers.

Multiple news outlets have been posting about this ban starting yesterday and it appears to all be the types of items that would get discontinued first in a shortage situation.

Regarding hepatitis in USA

So Asians are more likely to have one of the types of hepatitis than White people

Also foreign immigrants seem to be more likely to have it

Kind of like it can be imported

I was trying to figure out if it was the type from Indians eating poop because each type is spread by different means

@ChristiJunior @William_The_Dragonborn @fatepony >Whites: "Good, we have advanced this medium so that we may express even greater beauty"
>jews: "The goyim have advanced this medium so now we can use it to express even greater ugliness." :oyvey_left:

Absolutely fucking fascinating segment in a Tim Pool video today.

His mental overton window has shifted on voting rights, also. Now he believes, wrongly, that making selective service optional, and signing up for it tied to voting rights, is the right solution. It won't solve the problem, but the point is he doesn't believe voting is a right.

Very slowly becoming redpilled. Too slow, honestly.


I swear if kikes are the ones responsible for pushing the west to take muslim refugees they are the dumbest globalist hand rubbing faggots in the world.

If the west is conquered by muslims, what do you think happens next, Israel?

BREAKING: 🇺🇸 CIA Director says Ukraine could lose the war by the end of 2024 if US aid package is not passed soon

When you think about it, it’s quite shocking how often people who tell you they don’t believe in objective morality ascribe to themselves superior moral virtue.

Good thing I caught that up this morning. Changes in the law made a tax I was exempt from to be now effective, fortunately I had anticipated such bullshit and it goes in my error margin. Thus nothing changes on paper except that 2% of that error margin is distributed in taxes....
Did I say how much I hate impossible to follow coerced taxes ?

What's the tax about ?
In france we have three habitation taxes, house tax (which was deleted but redistributed elsewhere), land tax, and company land tax.
Now even if you host your company in your house you pay both land and company land tax.

Orthodox Judaism is a religion with slavemaster morality

slavemaster morality involves having power combined with a lack of responsibility

Those with slavemaster morality at least in the case of Orthodox Jews tend to become physically weak & forget how to do basic physical skills because they do not tend to go to the gym and tend to have their slaves do all the physical labour

People are better off learning alternative morality like cooperation & self control than slave or master morality

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