Kikerael really threw the US into political chaos. It's hilarious. Leftists are scum and have no principles, which we all knew, so there's nothing to see there. Okay, sure, they're hypocrites. Whatever.

What's interesting is seeing all the right-wing grifter dildos outing themselves daily. Why? Over israel. And Glenn Greenwald's existence now is to find all of it.

Again: thank you, Hamas, for what you did in October. It was an absolute redpill tidal wave.

Fed up with all the lobotomized AI's like Grok, Bard & ChatGPT?

There's a new one under development from Cody Wilson, the maker of the ghost gun.

He's built his own AI called "GatGPT", the answer to everything firearms -

I have nothing to do with it, but it looks promising. The view that processing power (compute), databases, & AI models are the newest weapons of our age and that we need to keep access to them is 100% on the money. New 2A.

If you are thinking of converting a van for camping or living I want to encourage you not to overspend on a shitty van. Fuck Dodge, fuck Chevy, fuck Ford, and especisally fuck Mercedes because lol. If you can get one for under 10k and it's decnent, sweet! But anything else is mostly overpriced nonsense.

Convert a large Toyota or Honda SUV or minivan. Much better price, and way higher quality vehicle. Shekelberg found out about vanlife and made it expensive but there are ways around it

Life protip: buy diabetic socks. I'm not diabetic either, they're just more comfortable. They're made to sit gently and not cut off your circulation.

The look on her face...
I like Vivek but he will not win the nomination.

Yellow flag laws are a psyop designed to make those who find red flag laws too authoritarian see the milder alternative as a more preferable compromise. It's a gun grabber roofie designed to make weak willed retards more readily accept the regime's ultimate goal of taking guns away on bureaucratic whim.

@Tfmonkey Ghost. I'm going to ghost so hard that I appear to be the normiest normie.

If Mexican illegal immigrants can stack money and take it with them to Mexico, then we can stack money and GTFO the west. How do you move your money out? Ask the Mexicans how they do it. They will find a way.

We really overcomplicate things sometimes.

My favorite part of 2023 was how the West embraced Nazis (Ukraine) and ethnic cleansing (Israel), and is even making it illegal to criticize those who commit ethnic cleansing if it hurts their feelings.

In literature, this is called "foreshadowing".

Why does @Tfmonkey assume @VooDooMedic is into masochism because he's into BDSM? There are 3 other letters. Masochism is probably the rarest fetish for men.

Normies are waiting until new years to nEw YEaR nEw mE for 2 weeks and slide back into mediocrity.

Get started now, improve every day and leave the normies in the dust.

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