Don't thank me for my service.

I was lied to, just like we all were. America was the Great Satan, but I didn't see it at the time.

I'm sorry to all the Muslims I indirectly killed. I hope you're in a better place than this dystopian trannypunk hellscape.

@Tfmonkey @Tfmonkey thank you for your service of providing countless men with seventy two virgin brides each to pleasure them for all eternity. im jealous

Well, as an Eurepean Atheist, I would definitelly love to thank you for your service, but I also understand, that you have seen things I cannot immagine, so if you're not proud of it, I understand.

@Tfmonkey The Zionists are currently running America and we could not have foreseen them using us and our soldiers to fight on behalf of Zion.

@Tfmonkey I try to tell Veterans something along the lines of, "I know it's tough on a lot of you today. I am wishing you a happy day despite the occassion." What is your opinion of that? I feel like ignoring this day when I talk to somebody close who is in the service could be taken as ignoring their struggle, but I also want to know if it's better to do so in your opinion.

@RoninGrey You can wish them a happy Memorial Day, but don't say "thank you for your service".

@Tfmonkey @RoninGrey The reality is their military service becomes their Identity,they want to feel a certain pride in what they did under the guise of serving the country.How could one know that CIA and Mossad time travelers came back in time and changed the narrative thru psyOps causing wars and rumors of wars to usher in the apocalypse

@Tfmonkey People will "thank you for your service" up til the point it costs them *Anything*.
It is a way for weak men to coopt the Patriotism Veterans have, as their own and pretend they are equally willing to sacrifice for God, Country, and our Countrymen.
I was once naive and idealistic to this.

@Tfmonkey fuck ‘em.
I asked many cuz there’s a bunch here both AD and ret if they feel sad abt losing afg in 21 and if they hate muzzies.. just collecting on them

All said yes
then I remind them
Of Yugoslavia days;
>the US was murdering White Xtians for Muzzies in kosovo cuz you faggots were told Slobo was a big meanie.
And USA been flooded for decades and sharia soon
And I thank them for spreading sodomy n feminism around the world and Taliban are the good guys

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